Thursday, November 15, 2007

i'm a big girl

i dyed my hair.

yes. i did. dyed the first time, no effect. tried again, second time, still no difference. frustrated did the third time...ah..finally. lol. you see...i'm not a very adventurous person and am afraid to take risk. i know dying hair its a no biggie but i was really scared of how the colour would turn out so the first two times i washed it off within 10 minutes. haha. anyways, i'm happy with the result. hehe =p

i believe everything that happens, happens for a reason. and God for sure is the mastermind behind all that. nothing happens coinciddentally or out of sheer luck or hard work but it all happen according to His will and plan. you may not be thankful for it now but in the future eventually, the whole picture will get to you. and that is when, His name will be glorified.

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