Friday, October 31, 2008

lest i forget

Lest I forget Gethsemane,

Lest I forget Thine agony;

Lest I forget Thy love for me,

Lead me to Calvary.

Jennie Evelyn Hussey

Thursday, October 30, 2008

potatoes and gate

we finally made the mashed potato! and it was good! i couldn't believe that at the first try it turned out pretty decent. well actually pretty good :p hehe. we didnt use any measurements whatsoever...we just 'campak' the ingredients in with rough estimation. not bad huh? haha

then while the girls...well technically there were two girls and a 'girl'' :p - made the mashed potato, the guys painted robert's gate.

btw bryan painted too...he took some time off to test his photography skills :)

then after everything was done, that was bout 11pm...we decided to have a night picnic by the poolside.

judging from the faces...i can prove that i was was good :) yum!

full and happy.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

KL - a place of wonder

now that i've ventured into working life, i know what do people mean they say they have no time. u know why? that's because all their time are wasted in traffic jams! and i tell u, i speak this based on experience. yesterday itself i took 3 1/2 solid hours to reach home. i reached home at 9pm! the jam was massive but thank God i managed to get seats :) or else my leg would have patah-ed :p

i seriously wonder where do these tons of people come from? can KL hold so many people? haha. it's like there's no escape route for me. every transport i take is jam packed with people. almost everyday i have to wrestle with crowds to get into the bus and most of the time its not the matter of seats anymore, its whether can we actually board the bus. there are times when the bus doesn't even stop, leaving all the eager and anxious passengers-to-be standing there like 'dong-dong' and that includes me :p

i was just thinkin, when do i have time to go shopping? i cant seem to think of when. i need a new pair of shoes and new wallet. i also dont know when will be the next time i go out for movies. what's the latest movie ar? haiz...macam mana ni. haha

oh oh. there's something i found out on thrusday that shocked me to death...ok maybe not death but close. my colleague, the only one will be working with me under mr.chia (my boss), is staying in the same area as me! and same section! wait there's more...same road! my goodness, when i found out i was like "huh??!!" she lives just about 10metres down the road. a small world indeed. haha.

Monday, October 13, 2008

when the day feels like night

goodness...i'm so bored that i've yawned a hundred times i think today. completed all my work and everyone's so busy to pass me work. can't even recall how many times i've walked back and forth the counter and my desk. sleepy sleepy sleepy....

Thursday, October 9, 2008


yop. wow. cant believe i'm actually working. and honestly, it's really not as fun as i thought it would be. i guess the part that make it suck is the journey. it's like a crazy adventure every morning and evening. chasing trains and buses, in short chasing time. but its great to have adrienne around cuz it makes this place less alien. oh and aunty pui fun too. i've just finished a briefing session with a senior on what will be my job when we move to the new office later this month. my oh my...just listening to her makes my head spin. i wonder what it's like when it actually comes along. i dont think i want to picture it for now. even as at now, my life is fast forwarded already. basically similar to having no life :p everyday leave home at 6.30am then reach home by 7.30 earliest then go to sleep at 10.30. haiyo...but i guess that's working life. everyone goes through the same thing unless you're a heir or happen to be married to a rich husband ;) (for ladies got no choice but to work. hehe)

so...i've not been writting for quite a while, a month and six days to be exact. so much going on since the last post. exams, interview, house moving (not mine, adrienne's and robert's) and then finally work. i'm so looking forward to weekends now and holidays :p haha

i dont think i'll be writing any soon unless i have free time which i doubt. so i guess for now that all the updates i've got. till then, toodles :)