Wednesday, June 29, 2011


all taken at MARDI, Cameron Highlands :)



my 'favourite'

fruit/vege vandalism

me!! :p

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

second half of June

Accompanied Phoebe & Carmen to David Choi's gig here at UCSI. Our two girls were so cute running their 'little business' selling DC's tshirts. haha. We also managed to sneak in towards the end of the performance :p - perks of knowing the manager ;)

Meatballs @ Ikea with mum!

Thick smoke along Old Klang Road

Stepping Stones children so graciously performed a few songs for us during our visit there last Saturday :))

Clear blue sky on a Saturday morning :) I have no idea why I cant rotate this photo :p

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

interesting weekend

so a day before church camp as usual you'd expect a lot of last minute preparation and sure enough there was, except this time round it was a lil more interesting for the four of us :p

we stayed up the whole night helping adrienne at her workplace. haha. we arrived at bout 7pm and left there 6am the next morning. besides the 45 minute nap we were literally working the whole night. mind you i have never stayed up the whole night prior to this, not even during assignment and exam days. this was the first and not in a context i'd expected - working for my ex-company on a weekend night which so happened was a public holiday as well -_- interesting? oh definitely. lol.

tired boys

that seemed like the longest sunday ever but with that said, i had lots of fun nonetheless! =)

out of reality into serenity

it's been almost a year and we're back again on that beautiful mountain. cool breeze, fresh air, company of ppl you love, first bball game, tasteless oatmeal, lotsa photos, great worship, good times of sharing, fun with the young and old and the list goes on...
that was basically how camp went the last three days and oh how i miss it :( see the only thing i don't like bout camp is how it makes me feel after it ends. gloomy :p haha.

anyway i had a superb time spending those days with my church family and as i have mentioned, nothing makes me happier than spending time with them! =) when with the church everything seems possible. somehow i don't know why and i love that feeling =)
okay as promised here are some very few pics of camp from the eyes of my camera and phone. there are more from the other lenses =)

view from the near-death crazy bus ride (as phoebe calls it)

pweety! :)

it was heart warming to see church members of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds come together to bond through a common tie, Jesus Christ. God's presence was definitely there. i know it, see it and feel it.

all in all, i'm glad i went =)

Friday, June 3, 2011

happy happy joy joy!!'s friday friday friday, gotta get down on friday! :p

ok i super do not like that song but it's the only lyrics that promotes the excitement of fridays. haha. so anyway...i'm super excited bout the coming long weekend!! =D can't wait for camp! nothing makes me happier than skipping work and spending time with my church family! =)

hope to post some photos here after the camp but till then happy weekend all! ♥