Friday, October 30, 2009

my way of showing love ♥

the names i give and call her:

fatty, fei por, montel (chubby in malay), budak, small mechanic,
perempuan, girl, granny pants
...latest one (as at last night) rafflesia

she is.......

IVORY!! :p
yes, i do TRY to steal her food...occasionally and call her those mean-but-cute names....


i love her to bitss!! ♥ ♥ =)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

they call it the City of Entertainment

this is probably the 10th-15th time i've been up there and though it was only two days and a bit, i enjoyed it nonethelss. yup, Genting Highlands is the place im talking bout. went there on monday and back yesterday. it was kinda like a love-hate thing for me to go there. it was really fun to be able to get away from the city for awhile and just have fun without really bothering bout anything else but where to eat and what to do next. haha. but at the same time, going there made me wish i could just continue there and not bother bout school and the future.

if you had been up to first world hotel, you would notice the whole place is decorated in a way that makes you feel like you're in some fantasy land. all the colorful lights, music, hustle of people and little buildings that consist of shops. there's even a little bar that has a band playing and singing at night so loud that the whole of first world can hear them. haha. i especially love the night life there and the view is pretty at night =)

took this in the evening though

the point is holidays and retreats, be it far or near, are essential in a sense that they help us to get our minds off the reality for a moment. to just relax and have fun. i believe everyone needs it at some point of another or at least i know i do :p haha.

i'll post some photos here soon. facebook ones will have to wait cause i just deleted my java :p

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

watch what's in front of you

i never realized i'm that clumsy until recently :p

i've been knocking, hurting and not to mention burning myself quite frequent recently. i dont know why but i guess clumsiness is the only answer. so far my right side wins for the most burns and left side for knocks. so lets see what are they:

a) several little burns on my fingers from cooking.
b) two scratches on my right hand that i have no idea where from
c) a blue-black mark on my left thigh that i no clue from where too
d) a dented bone near the ankle from slipping in a toilet
and...two new ones, got them just less than an hour ago...
e) a bruise on my left knee - hit it at the edge of the computer table
f) a knock near the right eyebrow when trying to take sth from under the bed

yup. i am clumsy. but somehow i'm only clumsy when at home. it's either i dont realize it or that i'm just not clumsy when outside. heh. that's strange.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

my life is a blessing! =)

i cant believe time flies so fast. we're in october already! can you believe it? another 3 months and we're done with 2009! wow...

anyhoo...just a lil update on what's been happening in my life:

my first time witnessing a proposal =)
*p/s: this is not an advert, it was really taken when the proposal took place. hehe

road trip to melaka during the raya holidays =)

sekinchan and kuala selangor day-trip in early sept =)

my first fish spa that drove me insane! =)

some catching up with dearly missed friends =)

outings in the name of photography =) *i like*

baptist choral festival =)

church's 23rd anniversary! =)