Friday, May 23, 2008

cook? archuleta?

well though we already know who won but i must say i say if i were to choose, i really have no idea who it would be. i love both Davids!i wish there could be two idols so both Davids will win :p lol Archuleta is so cute! he looks like such a sweet and nice guy. Cook however is hot! that's all i can say bout him. hehe. as for voice...dua dua pun cun:p

this is my happiest season for American Idol. three of my favourites are in the top three! never happened before. looks like i have taste this season ;) not bad not bad. haha.


CAMP !!! 5 more days to go !!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

counting down the days

Narnia and Prince Caspian = brilliant!

Promotional Management paper = did pretty well

Human Resource paper = coming up

Weather = cannot tahan

Ugly Betty = tonight! yay!

Meta camp 2 = cant wait! a week to go...whee...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

i'm done...bye bye Law

aaahh....its such a relief that this crazy paper is over! but i feel like digging a hole and sink my head in! now all i want is a pass. that's it. no A nevermind. aarrgghh....studied for this like mad and ended up screwing it! geramnya....

but you know what, i trust in God that He'll give me a deserving result. honestly, the fact that i'm only answerable to God and that's what matters, makes me feel much better. i mean i did all i can with His help and i trust that He'll take care of the rest =)

Friday, May 9, 2008

this is so not my forte

for those who know me long enough will know that i'm one anti-education kinda person. arrgggh...just dont seem to see its rationale :p

this whole studying thing is giving me a headache and Law doesn't help any much less. the lecturer made it worst by giving notes that are ridiculously tough to comprehend and that without clear explainations. so how? well thank God for the power of internet though it didnt really clear my queries.

now as i'm still searching for more info, i've decided to check out on recipes for cupcakes. hehe. i've always wanted to try to bake these cute and pretty sweet-tasting-tiny-little-cakes but haven't found the time. so what better time to try than on my study break right? when i should be studying for that oh so alien subject. and the paper is coming up in 4days time. wuhoo...
no tempting as it is, i wont bake them now. after finals maybe =)

in the past one week, i realised i've been indulging in a lot of sweet stuff. it's like i have this craving for sweet things i.e jellies, yogurt-filled biscuits, cupcakes (ready made :p) and biscuits with chocolate spread, donuts, choco wafers and more to come i predict. the best part is my house is always complete with these supplies. hehehe