Monday, August 8, 2011

just taggin' along

mum and aunts decided to take drive down to their hometown last Saturday and i decided to tag along. hehe. our main purpose was to attend a relative's memorial service but did some sidetrack activities anyway :p

1) went to eat a fishball noodle that my mum has been craving for a very long time. alas, she was disappointed. she said she'll ask for it ever again. lol.

2) did some walking along jonker street. wanted to try the supposedly popular cendol but once again was turned off by the queue. oh well....

we did quite a bit of walking that day and it was quite fun. we got to see places that we'd never pass if we were to drive. mum and aunts got to go back to those streets where they used to go as kids. it was nice =)

Monday, August 1, 2011

An nyoung ha seh yo

we didn't touch the kimchi at all
korean tea that tasted really cinnamon-ish

brought my mum for a korean dinner at hartamas last friday since she hasn't tried korean.

verdict: korean food - not our cup of tea :p

pineapple&orange smoothie + new york cheese cake for dessert made up for the dinner. lol