Friday, November 28, 2008

this where i will be spending most of my time, unfortunately :p

my workstation (1)
my workstation (2)

my workstation (3)

the counter where we meet students

the whole office from main door to lunch. McD! :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

another new start

it's one minute to 9am now and im the only one in the office. starting to worry if i should be here or back at the old place. man....

i've moved to the new office yesterday and honestly, i dont really like it :p it's not the place, it's just the whole getting-used-to-it feeling. i've just finally got myself settled in and gotten used to that place, now they wanna move. i wshed they had done it earlier. now i have to start all over. new desk, new work station, new pantry, new route and even new toilet. sheesh...
this keyboard position is so uncomfortable and this work station is so exposed. i had alot of privacy in the previous one. now its like every thing i do can be seen :p

ok it's 8 minutes past nine and there's no one here still.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

it is so the 50's

M: we were talking then she came to this part.."give me ivy's email address, i pass to him then they can send emails to each other."

I: NO......!!!

M: listen first la...then i said to her "i dont think ivy would like it, let me ask her permission first." then shes said "haiya...not love love ma, just write letters only." i said "never mind let me ask ivy first k."

I: phew.....

see, the story goes like my grand cousin's wedding last saturday, my grandaunt (not the bride's mum) wanted to intro me to this single doctor from Ireland, a friend of the bride. huh? intro? you might ask. yes. in this 20th century. and the conversation above, was my mum telling me what she had talked to that aunt the phone earlier yesterday, which was like three days after her first attempt on saturday....and she still didnt give up :p

this was how it went:

A: come ivy, i want to introduce you to Dr M (not Mahathir :p).

I: huh? doctor who?

A: Dr M, Aleena's friend from Ireland. come come...i want to introduce both of you.

I: huh??!! no no...dont want la aunty (trying to sound as polite as possible), i can find my own boyfriend :p

A: *turns to my cousin who just joined the conversation* ah..come michelle, i introduce you to Dr M.

M: huh? what? who?

A: *pulls her hand into the house towards Dr M*

then i dont know what happened but my cousin came out very fast.

A: *drags (literally) my hand into the house towards Dr M*

I: *showing the "Help me" look to my cousins*

A: ah...Dr M this is ivy. Ivy this is Dr M

Dr M: oh oh... *shakes my hand* nice to meet you ivy.

I: *mind went blank as everyone stares* er...Hi (shakes back his hand) *turns around and slowly walks away* was so awfully awkward. but honestly, i pity Dr M more. i mean he's a guy and a professional for that matter. and here goes this aunt of mine, publicly declaring that he's single and as if saying "Dr M, why at this age still dont have girlfriend ar..some more a doctor. here let me get you one." least that's how i felt what my aunt was trying to convey indirectly. i mean...he looks like a nice guy, seriously, so dont have to say so openly and loudly when introducing la. kesian that fella. i'm a girl and i'm still young (20 is not old ok :) so i dont really care. but i feel sorry for him la. the whole day was kinda awkward after that. haha.

sorry Dr M ! :) at least i kept your privacy by not disclosing your name XD

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i've finally found someone, someone to share my life

love was in the air. technically. everyone was so filled with joy and happiness and most of all, filled with love. the night before the wedding we were singing love songs on the karaoke, then everywhere was filled with symbols of love i.e pink and red roses, heart shape chocolates and in the ballroom dinner was accompanied by love songs that were played throughout the night. it was all bout love. that is why i love weddings :)

it was really heart warming to see the happy faces and hear the laughters of my family during my grandcousin's wedding. everyone was having pure fun. i also love it that my family is a multi-racial family. we have chinese, indians, malays and even eurasians. a true malaysian family i would say. oh and guess what, the best man was a malay and the bride's maid was an indian. now that's what i call muhibah :)
all in all, i enjoyed every bit of it :) and to Daniel and Aleena, all the best as you journey in this new chapter together! may the love of God be filled in your marriage :)

and and and...Aleena, in case u stumble upon this blog, you looked absolutely gorgeous!! :)
there were actually tons of pictures but i dont know why my cousins didnt upload them. or else i could have 'stolen' more to post it up :p

ps: that's nine 'love' in one single post. and it just became ten. haha

Thursday, November 13, 2008

mission accomplished

notice that i've been blogging three consecutive days? good. it shows that you've been reading my blog for three consecutive days which puts in the same position...bored :p hehe.
well before you give your verdict, let me explain why have i been blogging for three days when i'm supposed to be working. ok here's why:
  1. my senior senior is, was and will be on MC
  2. i've done whatever i'm supposed to do
  3. low activity season
  4. there's really nothing to do
  5. i'll be embarrassed if i walk over to my senior and ask if there's anything to do again cause i've done that countless times :p
  6. my senior is also free, so that shows that there's really no work :)
so...i did manage to get myself something decent for the wedding dinner after three hours of solo shopping last saturday. it's not too bad really. it's a dress :) and i like it (duh! i chose it). it's not to o formal and not too casual. i also got my self a pair of heels at a pretty unexpected price (that means cheap) and a working shirt. so yea...quite happy :). then i also got my mum a blouse and my sis a top and cute pinky hairbands. didnt have enough $$ for Ivan though. hehe. he'll have to wait till Christmas :p it was a fruitful day despite the painful soles. hehe

now i've nothing else to do. why dont they put sofa beds in offices XD

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

it is all Your will O Lord

i'm so bored. i've just read my entire past posts. man...i feel like sleeping....zzzzzz

after reading those posts, frankly speaking, i was pretty surprise. haha. based on the amount of emotions i've put in when writing those posts, i least aspect i'm of that type. haha. but i guess a lil of emotion cant do any harm :p
well..i must say alot has change since. and i mean alot. mostly positive ones. myself for one have change too and hopefully for the better. God has indeed been faithful. despite my disobedience, lack of faith and pride sometimes, He stuck to me. what more can i ask of my Father? at times i wish i was wiser at those time when i needed too but i figured if i was wise i wouldn't have needed God. and thus, not realise how deep is His love for me. reading those posts, i really am grateful for the one Friend that was there for me through thick and thin, my dearest Lord Jesus, couldn't have gone through without Him.

"He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it." i Thessalonians 5.24

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

true colors caught on camera

yup. that's my sister.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

all the little blessings

i'm at work now and kinda free. so thought could do some blogging on random stuff. hehe

after work today i thought i'd go shopping at midvalley or sunway pyramid. i need to get at least something decent for my grandcousin's wedding that's coming up next saturday. this is one wedding that i think i would at least have some fun after all the unknown weddings i've been to, that ppl only go to show face, eat some food and go home. at least this time is a closer relative. pretty exciting :) so yea...i must get something nice! haha. i've actually went on a scout last night after work and spotted a couple of pretty blouses. so hopefully i'll be able to get one least.

bus and train have become my secondary transport and almost primary.! hopefully not :p practically every single day except sundays, i ride on either one of them. so sad :( haha. and man...ktm is one 'special' train you should try to avoid taking..especially on weekdays. unfortunately for me, i have no choice. i think it's worse than sardines. i dont even have to move and people will push me in to the train. in the train, everyone's so squashed that you only have enough room for breathing. also, its like a mini wave in there when squashed passengers 'flow' according to the movement of the train..especially the people in the middle who have no poles to cling on to. yes. it IS fun. it gets better when you get people around you who cough and sneeze without covering their mouths and nose. wa...!! i dont know bout others but i kinda have phobia bout that. i imagine the germs floating in the air and then enter into my nostrils and it'll be stuck in my head till i reach my station and get out. eee...cannot tahan.
BUT i still thank God for these public transports. without them i would have to be stuck in my remotely placed home :p haha

*out of boredom, i've highlighted my favourite things in life.