Monday, February 16, 2009

told ya i'm gonna be back =p hahaha

BUT...i'm back for a good cause :) i'm helping my cousin to promote her new blog (you better thank me, mich :p kiddin la).

so for those of you who play the guitar or piano or both, log on here for music sheets of latest songs!! =)

it is going no where

i've been down with a stuck-nose (sort of flu) and sore throat since saturday and work is the last place i wanna be today :p i just wanna stay home, cuddle my smelly bolster and sleep the whole day. breathing only through one nostril makes it even worse but thank God the pizzas yesterday didn't aggravate my sore throat or else i'd be suffering right now. haha.

except for a few exam entries, i've not had anything else to do since morning and that explains today's post. killing time = reason-less post = nonsense. my sincere apologies if this has anyhow wasted your time :p haha.

signing out for now :)

p/s: if the boredom continues, you may see another nonsense post =p

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

effect of extreme boredom

since i cant afford the real ipod, a virtual one is as good :p

i'm SO bored that i've decided to steal/copy my bro's idea. haha. enjoy! :)

btw...if you're thinkin that all the songs come with a video clip, i'm sorry they're not except for "tear drops on my guitar" and a couple others i think. brian litrell's clip doesn't make any sense so dont try bother figuring out why they put pic of cd(s) when the title is "in Christ alone" and casting crown's clips is just...funny. haha.

in memory of Jingle

ok this seem like a delayed one since he is no longer with me. who is he? are some pics to intro him :)

no...not ivan la :p

yup. the he i'm refering to is a cat :p

this little kitten was found in a box left by someone (obviously) outside my aunt's house, at the gate about two months back. my aunt wanted to keep him but apparently her two other cats were afraid/jealous of this cutie that they would 'run from home'. haha. so she decided to give it to us.
we looked after him for about a month then we decided to let him go since all of us felt it was to 'ma fan' to look after him...pfft pfft. my mum let him go at the shops that are bout 5 minutes drive from our house.

so that's the story of Jingle, our ex-kitten.

ps: you wanted pictures right you go! now...visit my blog more! :p haha

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i hope im on the right track

after the CNY long hols (10 days to be exact), im back to work feeling a tad disconnected. my mind was almost blank as i sat or rather stood in the train and bus this morning. it felt like my mind still couldnt register that holidays are over and work's back. it could be that i only had 3 hours of sleep last night or that i just refuse to switch off my holiday mode :p
after the much look forwarded and awaited holidays, everything and everyone's back to normal. routine begin its cycle once more. rigidity takes it place like before and people joining back the rat race that im not so fond of, sadly.

i feel that i'm not caught up for the 9-to-5-stuck-in-the-office kinda thing. i think i'd prefer something that takes me out to the field. something more practical rather than just paper work...papers make me dizzy :p haha. not to say i hate this job or anything but i think maybe this is just not the field that im interested in. so what am i interested in? i dont know. we'll slowly discover. hehe at now, i cant wait to go back to college! lol. unbelievable right? coming from someone who claims to anti education =p. and how ironic? i cant wait to go back to college when im actually in one...just not studying. haha

oh well...all i can do now is continue praying and see what God has installed for me :) and i just heard a song which goes along the lines..."just call upon His name and nothing is impossible"

food food food!! yup. that's basically the summary of my cny this year. lol

however, i must say i had an enjoyable cny actually...catching up with friends that i've never had the time to meet up with since our last meeting months back. to see that many of us still hadn't changed gave me a sense of gladness and joy. they are the same people whom i spent my whole high school life with and still the same four years later. these are the people i want to keep forever :)