Tuesday, April 29, 2008


it's my birthday! it's my birthday! haha.

and yes as queenie reminded me...i finally hit the big 2! i'm 20!! :p

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

oh Lord, i need you more than anything now

just as michelle said, its so hard to live up to the image of Christ. the responsibilty of bearing the image of Christ is so heavy. i ask myself "can i do it? can i perservere on?" it feels like i'm gonna disappoint Him and that doesn't feel good. how can i disappoint my Father after all that He's done for me? how could i?

oh Lord, strengthen me in days of darkness. teach me how to live a life that's pleasing to you. a life that upholds and glorifies You. may You lead me out of this darkness for i can bare it no more. in You i put my hope and trust and on You i lay all my burdens. Amen

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


i just cant seem to believe that there really exist this kind of people. maybe i've not met any till now that's why it's so hard to accept that people can do such things to others.


i mean aren't there any feeling of remorse or sorry at all? it's like "look here everyone, this is all about me, me and me." c'mon stop being selfish. we live in a world where everything we do has its consequences and this will at least affect one if not all the people around us! btw i'm not saying this for myself alone but also for the others who are affected directly or indirectly by actions of some people, so to speak. i'm not emo or overly sensitive...i just feel that there's no point covering up anymore when there're no signs of change.

it's time to stop thinking bout yourself!! life of selfishness is just plain pathetic! stop and look around you, see how many people actually care and love you genuinely and really hope you'll change for the better. think!

Friday, April 11, 2008

how high is our tolerance level?

just finished talking to a friend bout her problems with her housemates. it got me thinking. it's just so hard sometimes to have to tolerate certain things. why do we have to tolerate things that are so intolerable?

there are times when i myself just feel like blurting out everything and anything without having to think of what and how i'll look and sound to people. there're some people whom i feel should be told off or yelled at or fired at. they deserve that knock on the head. immature? stupid? emo? sensitive? crazy? dont care!

but i cant not care. i care. just cant bring myself to do it.cant.

i think the basic and commnon reasons that stop us (rather stops me) from "exploding" are that we always want to keep that "nice" image we potray or to avoid straining a relationship or afraid of the post consequence(s) or afraid that others will change their perception of us. however most of all, i think we have to ask ourselves "Will God be happy?" the hesitation is actually the Holy Spirit stirring us that's why we stop to think before acting. there's a feeling of guilty-ness inside. which is good because it distinguishes us from the others. the Holy Spirit lives in us to giude and teach us what's right and wrong in the sight of our Father. to help mould us to reflect the image of Christ. on our own we will never be able to do it.

after talking so long, the only thing i could say to my friend was to pray and be patient. there's no such thing as dead end. there's always hope. God will make a way where there seems to be no way, He works in ways we cannot see, He will make a way. though it may seem silly to some but there's no problem to silly for God. so to my friend, keeping praying! =)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Revolution

As promised, this are the details of the camp i mentioned. Seriously guys, come if you can. It's gonna be an experience you'll never forget =)

Camp name: 4:12 Revolution

Tagline: Dare to be Different

Host: WinGS, Cheras Baptist Church

Day and Time: 27 May, 2008 (Tuesday) till 30 May, 2008 (Friday)

Place: El Sanctuary, Melaka

Message: The 2nd Meta Youth Camp which we have all been waiting for - bigger and better! Hurry get your registration forms and be a part of a challenge which will cost your all. Don't forget to invite your friends!

OR...if u cant make it, help spread this to ur frens and families! hehe

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lord hear our cry

i just feel so exhausted with having so much to do in so little time. sometimes i get so tired that i just dont know what to do next and this usually happens after a long day at college. haha. like this morning, i totally had no idea what to wear to school today which is so not me. most mornings i wake up with an outfit in mind so i dont have to scramble through my cupboard for clothes. dont really fancy the idea of taking an hour to search for ONE outfit that's why i usually prepick my clothes. hehe

anyway...aside from that i'm also really excited about camp! its one thing i really look forward to this year =) to those who're wondering what camp i'm talking about, i'll give futher details in my next post. sorry really gotta run now =p