Monday, October 31, 2011

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

freaky Thursday

okay this i have to blog.

ever since i started work here, i have never taken that pedestrian bridge to cross the two busy roads simply because i was lazy :p BUT today of all days i thought "why not? a little exercise wouldn't kill"
so i took the bridge this morning. as i reached the top i saw a foreigner guy either a cambodian or burmese i'm not too sure. they all look the same to me. anyhoo....the minute i saw him i was a little scared cos this bridge is rather quiet actually. he could do anything to me and no one would know. as i was nearing him, he just suddenly hopped on to the railing. these were the first two thoughts i had when i saw that:

1) i dont want to witness a suicide
2) why in the world would someone want to sit on the railing & watch cars pass at this time of the day?

then in a blink of an eye, before i could even open my mouth, he took off. down he went. down to the busy road where cars & bikes and what not are usually all speeding. the immediate thing i did was to close my ears. i have no idea why i do that every time i'm shocked or scared. i didn't even dare to look down after he jumped. i continued walking and kept thinking "oh my goodness i just witnessed a suicide" then as i walked down the bridge i looked over to my left to see what had happened to him & it turned out he wasnt dead! thank goodness. he was just lying there right in the middle of the road, awake & no bleeding whatsoever. fractured or not i dont know.

so i just witnessed a FAILED suicide. it was freaky nonetheless. i was a little shaky for a while.

as usual a crowd gathered after he was carried aside by two motorists. then two traffic police stopped over as well. i told them that guy's bag was in fact still up at the bridge. i left afterwards and i dont know what happened to that fella. my colleague came in not long after me said she saw the commotion too and that the guy was still lying on the ground. i guess waiting everyone's for the ambulance.

after that freaky incident, i came into the office only to find out from fb that steve jobs just passed away. pretty sure he'll be remembered for a very very long time if not forever.

not what i had expected out of an ordinary thursday morning. what a depressing day.