Wednesday, December 31, 2008

what does tomorrow promise?

"it's the last day of the year." i heard a girl saying that to her friends when i was on board the bus just now and it suddenly dawned on me that IT'S THE LAST DAY of 2008!! it struck me that after today, there's no way we can come back to 2008. it's like what's happened is permanently passed. all that's left are memories.

this new year, i hope to draw closer to God. i realised i've been slacking in my walk with Him and it doesn't feel good at all. i pray that He's door is still open for me and i have faith that it is :)
as for us all, lets hope 2009 brings us to greater heights in understanding His love and grace. to be grateful for the grace that allows us to be where we are today. it's amazing what a forgiving and loving God we have. no matter how far or how long we've strayed away, He's always there waiting with arms open wide for us to return to Him. in Him there's always hope and light. amazing.'s wishing all of you a very Happy New Year!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

He is the reason for this season


ps: for those who wished me through text...sorry i couldn't reply cuz my line is currently in the process of switching to maxis. thanks for the wishes and hope that you all have a blessed christmas!
ya ya...for those maxis ppl out there, you can now msg me more :p haha.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

passing by another year

Christmas is just TWO days away! wow! and that means the year is nearing to its end too. wow! another year. time indeed flies. i can still vividly remember last Christmas and now one year has passed.

Christmas sends a simple yet significant message that is still not known to many i believe. it's not about Santa (i dont know where that white-beard guy came from anyway), neither is it bout gifts nor parties. it all about a simple story with profound message.
it's about JESUS CHRIST. this was the day that He was born and sent down to earth for both you and me, a day of rejoice. this little baby born in a manger was sent to earth for a mission - to die for the sins of you and me that we would be reconciled with God. without this baby boy we're heading hell.
so Christmas is a day to rejoice and be glad in it, for this is the day that our Saviour was born :)

of course parties and gifts and fun are not wrong, it's just that make sure this day is celebrated for it's real reason-Jesus. so go!! be merry and celebrate :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

being the girl i am

guess what i've been doing since yesterday? ;) i've been window shopping online!! i didnt know how fun and interesting it could be! haha. i've heard of local online boutiques that operates through blogs but have not actually took the time to see them. now that i have, i'm so hooked on it :p it's really fun i tell you! screening through pretty clothes, shoes and bags at reasonable prices. these stuff seem to look more affordable online...i dont know why. oh oh!! i just ordered a mini handbag. hehe. i've enquired on a number of things and am waiting for their replies to decide which one to buy. they're my christmas presents la c'mon...more accurately, self-given presents :p haha

here are some of the sites:
Ultimate Dazzle
The Luxurious Fashionista
Elegant Extravaganza
Clothes Bucket

work has been rather dull and boring. to prove boss just yawned...loudly.

man...the year is ending very soon. how time flies....sigh....

Monday, December 15, 2008

i know my God is real and nothing will change how i feel

today's my first day back to work after two days on sick leave. the sore throat was no fun. i woke up on thursday to a hoarse voice which eventually became worse that i could barely speak :p and the pills...eeww...never liked them. why cant all pills be teeny-weeny shapes. why must there be some gigantic pills that are so hard to swallow. ee....

the sleep-in(s) and afternoon naps were good though :) hehe

vbs was great! the kids were awesome! the teachers and volunteers were the best but God was amazing throughout the three days!!

this year adrienne and i took the preschool class. the kids range from age three to five. man...they are so adorable and cute!! every single one of them are so special. no wonder they are precious in God's eyes ;)

check them out:
the songs were addictive. seriously. i was even singing it in my sleep :p