Friday, October 29, 2010

unemployment bliss....not

oh how i wish life's as easy and blissful as this. NO WORK. lol. but in order not to have work and at the same time feel at ease about it is if you have the $$ to back-up or else dont ever expect to enjoy unemployment :p i blame the asian culture and mentality.....sigh....

oh well...i shall go take a nap (while i still can) now while waiting for a good night tonight with great food! muahaha

and...happy birthday chepoh (grandma)!! =)

Monday, October 4, 2010

i finally found someone, someone to share my life

haha. that title doesn't refer to me though :p it's for chris and steph whose wedding we attended last night and saturday morning that turned out to be one of the best i've attended so far with the craziest bunch of people that i love :) isn't that just one awesome weekend!! =D

highlight of the wedding for us, cbc-ians has to be the dinner last night. haha. i'm pretty sure most of those who attended, especially the youths had a blast :) coincidentally, this is also the first time the youths attend a wedding dinner together. oh and our 'yam seng' with the couple had to be the best of the best that night ;)

anyway, to chris and steph once again, congratulations!! you're indeed made for each other! may this journey of marriage be one that would glorify the One who brought you together :)