Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Eye Candy

So last Saturday as we were driving towards the Sunway Hotel lobby, my cousin suddenly noticed a police car following behind us and the siren was turned-on and of course the natural thing to do is to move aside which was what we did but little did we expect that we'd be stuck at that spot for almost 10 mins.

Here's why. After the police car passed us, a fleet of bout at least 50 cars followed behind. Oh and mind you, they were no ordinary cars. Hummer,Ferrari, Lamborghini, Skyline, Fairlady, Merc, BMW and the list goes on. Some of which I don't even know the names. However, the most jaw dropping for us were the Hummers. I have seen Hummers around in KL but not this type. Hummer limousines. Yup. Imagine that.
The convoy caused a traffic congestion. We took the chance to escape after the 20th car or so to look for parking and when we were done, walked back up to the lobby, yup....the cars were still coming in. They were all to park at the hotel lobby & front yard thus, the congestion

Was quite paiseh to take pictures actually but still managed to quickly snap a couple for keepsake =)

L-R: Ferrari, Hummers & some classic-looking car (also the convoy leader)


Haha. Jakun :p

Quite a sight really and as Ivan said, it was definitely a treat =D