Thursday, December 30, 2010

arios 2010!

well oh well, the end of yet another year is here again. i know ppl say this every year but time really flies. i'm starting to feel old :p i'll be 23 next year!! scary....'s been a great year thus far. God has really been there every step of the way. He has showed me that I can trust Him in the many more years to come. It's really comforting to know that the God of the universe is actually watching over you and leading you step by step whether we know it or not. I'm ashamed of those times when I thought I could rely on teeny weeny self to handle or solve things when my Father, my Creator is there all along ready to help. But im thankful that He is also a loving and forgiving Father cause looking back at those countless times when i've failed Him, i dont think i deserve His grace and mercy yet He never stops loving me =)

to be honest i never really liked ushering in a new year. it's such an anti climax to all the positive feelings we get at the end of each year especially in december with all the holidays and celebrations. haha. it's like you're all happy happy and then come 1st jan bleh.....everything's back to normal and the whole cycle starts all over again and like to look forward to another december is another 11 months to pass. i'm sure many feel the same especially those working. nope. not the best feeling in the world :p but life goes on whether we like it or not. thankfully though we have something to cling on to for hope. Hope that would produce strength, strength that leads to perseverance through the good and bad that would bring us to the End that we're waiting for :)'s to a great 2010 that's ending and to a hopefully awesome 2011 that's coming!! wee.... :)

here are some snippets of my 2010...enjoy! (i took quite a while to create and compile these :p)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

hello fitflop

my dear present has taken a long time to get here from the other continent buuttt it's finally here!! :) yup. this is my Christmas present for myself :p

Friday, November 12, 2010's a super tiny feline!!

as my mum reversed the car out of the porch this morning, we suddenly spotted some greyish thingy on the porch. my mum stopped the car out of shock. haha. i immediately recognized what that tiny thing was. it was a kitten! most likely only few hours old or the most a day old cause it's super tiny and its eyes weren't opened. first thought that came to my mind was "did we roll over it and kill it???" since ivan was standing near it, we asked him to check if it was alive cause it wasn't moving. to our relieve it was still alive...phew. lol. both my mum and i got down of the car to look at it leaving the car engine running and unattended (not very smart :p). no one dared to carry the kitten since it looked so fragile. i took it up anyway and put it in a shoe box.

my sis looked after it for half a day till its mother came in the afternoon and took her baby away from my sis while she was playing with the kitten at the porch. she said the mother cat was angry. lol. she also then found out from our neighbour that the little kitten has four other siblings, all in my neighbour's house at the shoe rack. haha. i bet the mother cat was counting and counting and wondering why she only has four kittens while she actually gave birth to five :p

we didn't take any pictures of that kitten unfortunately but i'll try see if i can get a shot or two from my neighbour's house. hehe

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

unemployment bliss....not (2)

i detest job searching. period.

Friday, October 29, 2010

unemployment bliss....not

oh how i wish life's as easy and blissful as this. NO WORK. lol. but in order not to have work and at the same time feel at ease about it is if you have the $$ to back-up or else dont ever expect to enjoy unemployment :p i blame the asian culture and mentality.....sigh....

oh well...i shall go take a nap (while i still can) now while waiting for a good night tonight with great food! muahaha

and...happy birthday chepoh (grandma)!! =)

Monday, October 4, 2010

i finally found someone, someone to share my life

haha. that title doesn't refer to me though :p it's for chris and steph whose wedding we attended last night and saturday morning that turned out to be one of the best i've attended so far with the craziest bunch of people that i love :) isn't that just one awesome weekend!! =D

highlight of the wedding for us, cbc-ians has to be the dinner last night. haha. i'm pretty sure most of those who attended, especially the youths had a blast :) coincidentally, this is also the first time the youths attend a wedding dinner together. oh and our 'yam seng' with the couple had to be the best of the best that night ;)

anyway, to chris and steph once again, congratulations!! you're indeed made for each other! may this journey of marriage be one that would glorify the One who brought you together :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

say cheese!

Monday, September 20, 2010

cause whatever i do, it's just got to be you

after the much awaited wedding finally arrived. haha. after all the fuss and worries bout what to wear, where to buy, how to go....the day finally came last saturday. we had to wake up at 6+ am, even 5+ am for some to get ready and leave for melaka for the tea ceremony. arrived on time at the house and even bumped into the groom and his entourage at the toll rest area. haha. apparently they were asked to be slower in arriving.

the whole tea ceremony + lunch lasted bout 3 hours plus after which we headed to our rented apartment to wash up and rest before the dinner at 6.30pm. i took a nap and woke up to the noise outside. went out to see and wa-la! my cousins, sister, aunts and mum were busy curling each other's hair for the dinner. lol. we (including myself :p) all ended up at the dinner with the same hairstyles. hahaha. my curls went off fast though :p

my aunt and i were supposed to help out with the registration at the reception but we were a lil late so when we arrived i had to rush upstairs while my aunt went to park the car. oh my gosh, it was so confusing! :p with all names and the crowd. haha. then, dinner time came and all the usual toasting a.k.a yum-sing(s). almost to the last dish, they announced for the newly weds to have their first dance and then for the guests to join them. the guests went crazier after most ppl had left. most of the indian guests had a great time dancing their heart out. haha.

next morning, with my aunts, mum and grandma, i went to visit my grandma's sis-in-law in the old folks home whom she had not met for 5-6 years followed by breakfast (the reason i went :p). went back packed up and left melaka.

so....that was my weekend. an awesome one i would reckon =))
most of us have not uploaded any pics yet but once we do, i'll post some here if i feel like it :p

Friday, September 17, 2010

why oh why

can't wait for the weekend!!! whoppeeee....

melaka here i come!! =)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

somewhere over the rainbow

i had a great raya weekend the past week =)

started with the new harmony student house dedication on friday that led to the 'monopoly deal' addiction which kept us awake till 3 in the morning. lol. followed by early morning dim sum on saturday and continued with more monopoly deal :p came night was baby kimberley's fullmoon dinner.

finally, the climax of the weekend came...ta-da, shirley's indian wedding ceremony! :) you see, this is what i love bout my extended family, we're so 1malaysia. my mum has this huge family that consists of almost all the races and religions in malaysia and all these happy occasions bring the best out of this family. it's so heart warming to see how close knitted they are despite the differences. i'll let the pictures do what they do best :)

♥ ♥

Monday, September 6, 2010

no he can't read my poker face


just when i thought i saw a light, i switched it off and mess it up.

if only i can read minds

i am one confuse girl.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

love & respect

came across this video shared by someone on fb. dont know how true is this thing but it looks real considering you can't fake slaps like that. when i watched this video, i could not be any angrier and dont understand how the girl can just stand there and not do anything bout it. by doing so, she's actually giving more so-called power to that 'guy'. i would not tolerate such abuse. it's not like he's her parent. no guy should ever treat a girl like this.

i've always believed that a guy does not have any right to disrespect a girl in any way be it physically,mentally or verbally. first of all i think we all have to understand that while courting & dating, both the guy and girl have NO right whatsoever over the other party. even after marriage i still believe that the husband or wife has no 100% right or authority over his/her spouse. so who is it to say that you can control your partner's life when you're married much less dating. we have almost zero power to rule the another person's life according to our ways and make it miserable.

in a relationship of dating, i believe one can only suggest but not impose. if there's a change that you believe your partner should embrace, first suggest then help him/her through it and not trying to demand the change immediately and imposing it on them that it's a must and when they dont, we get angry and blame them for it. most times ppl fail to see that in the end it's still the person's choice, it's their life. there's only so much we can do but the choice is still for them to make and not for us to point the finger at them when they dont change to the person WE want them to be. it could be for the better but we're not in the position to force them rather we should be patient in guiding them through it.

such physical abuse as in the video should never happen in a healthy relationship that's filled with love and respect for one another. dont be mistaken, mental and verbal abuses are as bad. sometimes we think as long as we dont lay a finger on that person but we use harsh and demeaning words, it's not abuse. we're wrong. words can be as sharp as a double edged sword and sometimes it can hurt someone more than the physical abuse.

then you wonder, shouldn't we be building one another up with encouraging and loving words? and where is love in this picture? i thought love is....

patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 1 Corinthians 13

the love mentioned above not only applies to BGR or married relationships but also to all the relationships we're engaged in our lives - parent-child, peer-peer, brother-sister, grandparent-grandchild, teacher-student, senior-junior, boss-employee, etc

haha. so this topic might be another of my random post but when i came across this video and so happened watch the episode of Glee last night where it was about respecting girls, i thought i wanted to blog bout this. hehe. so here it is.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

female therapy

can't wait for tomorrow!!

time for some shopping!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dearest Father,

Teach me to trust you with everything I have and don't have
Guide me in every step I take that I may not walk in my own path but Yours
Show me how to surrender it all to You
Remind me each day that You are in control of everything
And that Your plans are for the best
Help to me to be patient and to persevere in all circumstances
To wait on You
Most of all give me Your strength, wisdom and understanding
That I may not rely on my own


Friday, August 20, 2010

acquired taste

so i came across this article reposted by ashley greig on her facebook wall and though as the years passed and i've slowly lost interest in going gaga over actors, felt this that this list needed some modification :p

so, if i were the editor, i would edit the list to this:

Glamour's top 20 Sexiest Men of 2010

1. Chace Crawford

2. Ian Somerhalder

3. Ed Westwick

4. Josh Duhamel

5. David Beckham

6. Justin Timberlake

7. Brad Pitt

8. Paul Walker

9. Orlando Bloom

10. Ryan Seacrest

11. Robert Pattinson

12. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (only as Arthur in Inception :p)

13. Hugh Jackman

14. Patrick Dempsey

15. Kellan Lutz

16. Kimmi Raikonen

17. Cristiano Ronaldo

18. Hayden Christensen

19. Channing Tatum

20. Will Smith

ok this is really subjective and the above list is probably more like my personal list but if you ask me, there'd actually be only one name in MY list that is Chace Crawford! :) the other names were pretty tough to come up with especially from number ten downwards. haha. justin bieber and chris brown shouldn't have been in the list at all :p

lol. sorry for this yet another random post. i shall stop right here and leave you with these pictures :)

look at him!! swoons......

Thursday, August 19, 2010

He is jealous for me

i guess you might be wondering what's with the frequent posts recently. guess what? i'm wondering too :p lol

so i was reading my previous posts and went all the way back to when i first started blogging. haha. i dont know what to feel when reading what i wrote. i guess its a mixture of feelings. there were some that i was embarrassed by, some impressed with, some got me thinking, some reminded about stuff and some made me laugh. as i read certain posts, i wondered could things be any different if i acted or reacted differently. im sure it could but i would not be the person i am today if things were different. when you allow God to work in and take control of your life, you'd be surprise at the outcome. i thank God for all that has happened be it good or bad. it has allowed me to grow both mentally and spiritually.

i was kinda embarrassed at the fact that i can be emotional at times and i cant believe i actually shared those emo times in the public. lol. though it wasn't like public public kinda thing, wouldn't know who actually reads your blog :p anyway...the past is past. i think at those times i just needed to vent. haha. another thing i realised is that i seem to write better last time, my writing skills have gotten worse...yikes! i think that implies time for more reading :p

on another note, i've been going and getting out of bed with a song in my head. i dont know if it has been this way all along and i didn't realise or is it a new thing. haha. like this morning, i got up with How He Loves Us by david crowder and it's been in my head till now :p the funny thing is the songs that're in my head keeps repeating a certain line/phrase/paragraph. i never 'sing' the whole song in my head. why ah? lol.
the one artist that i absolutely try to prevent from getting his songs stuck in my head is justin bieber/beaver whichever sounds better :p cannot tahan him. i dont know what do girls see in him. thank God my sister is not one of them or i'd make her sleep outside. lol

random note: next friday's public holiday for me!! wee..... go jalan-jalan!! =)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

that spiky and smelly thing

so for all you durian lovers (that includes me!) out there, here're some info about the fruit that might you be interested to know and may be happy to learn that it's not all that bad :)

a) durians have no cholesterol

b) more recently, nutritionists have claimed that durians can even help to lower cholesterol, cleanse blood, cure jaundice and alleviate fever

c) they are also packed with amino acid, vitamin B, E, a whole lot of vitamin C and contains high level of anti-oxidant which decreases the effect of aging

d) durians make us happy! - they contain tryptophan that is essential for making and maintaining serotonin levels in our body. the serotonin hormone functions to regulate our happiness

e) concoctions made from the leaves of a durian tree can help reduce swelling and cure skin diseases

f) rich source of potassium that helps to control heart rate and blood pressure

g) also rich in dietary fiber - eases defecation

now we know, as unhealthy as durians look and sound, behind those stinky-spiky-weird-looking fruit is a whole lot of goodness that most of us aren't aware of =D

ps: it's the peak of the durian season now. go get a durian!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

God has such a sense of humor

check this out and you'll know why the above statement was quoted. lol

Monday, August 9, 2010

the dream is real

Inception was brilliant! I can't recall when was the last time I actually said a movie was good much less brilliant but boy, was this worth the $$ =)) And personally I think it beats Avatar hands down. Leonardo is the perfect guy for role and Gordon-Levitt = lurveee

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

come fly with me, let's fly let's fly away

this post marks my 101th!! wee.... =) plus, this would be somewhat a random post as well since i have nothing to do now :p so what better way to pass your free time in the office than to scribble down random, non-relevant, uninteresting and point-less thoughts. hehe.
ps: i can hear my colleague outside giggling to herself watching a video/clip online.
note: boss not around

Random #1
so we had dinner at bumbu bali last night to celebrate bryan's farewell before he leaves for the States next week. it was quite a nice dinner i would say. great atmosphere for fellowship and dinner. we got the whole of 2nd floor to ourselves for almost half the time we were there. hehe. food wasn't too bad only a little pricey. i dont think i'd go there for no special reason simply because i didn't think the food was that special for that sort of pricing. oh well...that's just my personal thought don't know bout others :)

Random #2
i can't find my clincher!! my one and only clincher!! :( in case you're wondering what a clincher looks like, here it is. now i have to get a new one and it's not easy shopping for a suitable waist clincher! but if i don't, i can't wear some of my loose dresses without looking like a pregnant woman -_-

Random #3
i got myself my first ever fits-me-well pumps last week! yay! after a couple pairs of 'failed' pumps, i was thinking hard whether should i give it another shot. some must be wondering what's the big deal bout buying a pair of shoes. you see, the past few times i bout a pair of pumps, they always ended up to tight and gave me blisters. BUT i really would love to have a pair of pumps as i can't seem to wear heels too long anymore and the only flats that i have are my flip flops and sandals which are not really appropriate for certain occasions. so yea...
anyway...i'm glad i finally got one that fits me well though it does give me a lil blister, other than that the size is just nice :)'s purple! mua favourite color =) hehe

Random #4
i need a punjabi suit soon! it's for my grandcousin's wedding next month. still contemplating whether i should just call up my friend whom i last saw on my birthday last year :p to borrow one of hers or should i just buy one myself. hmm....

Random #5
there's a big bag of hershey's in the office kitchen right now and it makes me very happy! :)) i think there's at least one month's supply of chocos in there! i would be eating most of it i think, dont think the adults would appreciate them as much as i would :p kekeke

Random #6
there's this annoying photobucket sign/notice/pop-up/virus or whatever you call it that's in the way of my blog when you read it. i dont know how to get rid of it. so annoying its right in the middle of the page. if anyone knows how to take it away, let me know please.

Random #7
i have nothing more else to say, i'll just stop here. toodles

Monday, July 26, 2010

what we do when the boss in not around

here's the thing, my office only consists of four people including me. i'm seated in a room on my own, my boss (so called la but i dont report to him) is seated in the room next to mine while my two other colleagues are seated just outside the boss' room where he can clearly see every move they make. lol. so whenever the boss is around there's an awkward silence in the office except for the sound of the photocopy/printing machine making noise each time something is photocopied or printed. but then as soon as you hear my lady colleague talking in a louder tone, you'll know for sure that the boss has gone out. her voice is like my indicator since i can't see when the boss leaves. haha

so usually he'll be around in the morning till bout 11/12pm then he goes out till bout 3/4pm. ahh...this is the time we have the most fun in the office :p my colleague and i (mostly her actually) will talk and talk and talk till she runs out of breath. lemme just show a list of what we did just a while ago before i sat down to write this post. lol

1) talked bout I/C (she couldn't find hers and thought it was lost when it's in one of compartments of her wallet)
2) talked bout how we spend money like its water
3) went on to credit cards
4) then came to her fav topic: her son
4.1 read his blog together (he asked her to)
4.2 talked bout how teenagers these days
4.3 she introduced to me 'Gloomy Sunday'
4.4 talked bout his friends

so yea, basically that was what we did the pass an hour and half :p but dont be mistaken, we only this when we have nothing to do. haha

speaking of Gloomy Sunday, apparently it's called The Suicide Song. it seems that many suicide cases amongst young people were associated to this song saying that those who listened to this song over and over again eventually committed suicide. when i heard that i became scared :p so when she asked me whether i wanted to hear it, i was like "No thanks" haha. and it didnt help that i watched the case of the assassination of senator aquino (one of philippines' most influential leaders)on History channel last night. it's weird. somehow i get scared after listening to such stories. haha. it was quite funny actually, i was so scared that i didn't even dare to go to bed by myself so i waited for my sister to finish bathing and rushed her to bed so we could go upstairs together :p

anyway, if anyone's curious how Gloomy Sunday sounds like, listen to it here.

Monday, June 28, 2010

in Him I place my trust


this month has been somewhat depressing with all the unfortunate events that happened to people i know. deaths, accidents, break-in....
it's times like these that tell us that our life is so fragile and that anything can happen at anytime. we just have to learn to trust in the Lord. it's definitely easier said than done but i guess we just have to stand firm in our faith in Him and trusting that He knows what's best for us.

to those going through hard times at this moment, i pray that you'll find strength in Him to not lose heart. know that you're not alone. persevere. stand firm. have faith.

Friday, June 25, 2010

it's all about the timing people

a lil update from the writer :p

so finally results are out! but it wasn't like i was eagerly waiting for it or anything :p they're not too bad really :) it's really God's blessing seriously! imagine, my highest score is for the subject i struggled most. at one point in the exam i didnt know what else to write after writing all that i knew and it was very sure it wasnt sufficient..can u believe it?! haha

ok so that's that. then, there's M3TA camp which was last week. it was awesome! i told my mum that our youth camp gets better each time. i bet Meta 4 will be a bom! =D nevertheless, the glory is all His to give! no Jesus no camps. 'nuf said =)

then came the not so good news. just the morning right after camp, i received a call from my aunt saying that we had to cancel the surprise farewell party that we planned to happen on that coming saturday. reason, this would definitely have not crossed my mind, my relatives died in a car crash just hours earlier. well, i dont know them really, only met once or twice but here's how we're sort of related: the dad is my granduncle's brother and the son who died, Joash is my cousin's church friend. so naturally you can guess that my cousin wouldn't have wanted a party. my family and i were saying that never in our wildest dreams would we have thought that such a tragic thing could happen to people we know. that day was kinda depressing really and we kept receiving updates from my granduncle which made it a gloomier day. im quite sure that Joash was one of those that was supposed to come for the party but too bad he couldn't make it. anyway, i heard the remaining family that are still alive are slowly recuperating but continue to pray for them.

i'm actually thinking how should i continue this post after what was written above. so i shall just continue with then.... :)

i've just started work this monday and in my fifth day at work :p first couple of days were such a dread. why? firstly, i had no idea real accounting is this complicated! before i started work, my aunt said it's kacang putih only (i'm actually replacing her friend's place when she goes for maternity leave in less than a month's time)...aiyo...what kacang putih, kacang hitam ah! :p lol. spm and college accounting is nth compared to the real one. haha. secondly, i simply dont like office jobs. this whole 9-5 thing doesnt appeal to me. thirdly, filing and numbers makes my head spin :p
anyway, it has gotten better by the day. by His grace and mercy that is =)
ps: my senior (the one im replacing) just woke up from her nap :p and is now on the phone with my aunt. lol

my cousin's leaving to australia this sunday!!! :( first among our cousins to go out of the country to study. haha. i'll definitely miss her!! :( BUT...i hope to join her next year (if God willings) =))

i love this pic!! <3

Friday, April 16, 2010

you want it all but you can't get it all

1) done with another chapter of my life. well, almost. when the results are out then im officially done with degree =)

2) 'so you think you can dance' is officially my favourite reality show! beats AI hands down :p

3) my sister and i googled the whole cast of 'the nanny' last nigt. weird huh. haha

4) can't wait to get hold of Glee's latest season!

5) going penang, prob next week or the week after...wee....

6) looking for someone that i can borrow from 'the notebook'. hehe

7) excited bout M3ta camp!!! :))


cooking dinner tonight!! =))

Thursday, March 4, 2010

every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure

check out this clip of Christian the lion.

it's a true story and by just watching this short clip, i was touched to tears. it was a sweet reunion =) the story of this reunion has many versions to it on youtube but i personally like this version the best. the background song gives it more impact. just listen to the words of the song and watch the video and i'm quite sure if it doesn't make you cry, it'll at least make you wanna cry.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

new year, new look

just as the title suggests, i've just changed my blog's look =)
wanted to keep it simple this time round
and can't seem to find anything
related to puzzles but came across
this banner and thought it looks
pretty =)

so there you go!
new look for the year!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

an adventure to remember

yesterday was federal territory day and the whole of KL got public holiday so we decided to go for a roadtrip. cut long story short..there we were at broga hill, semenyih. honestly, i really didnt expect climbing it was gonna be that tough. somehow from the pictures i see from friends who have climbed it i thought it was gonna be sap sui la i thought :p
we reached there around 10am (i think cause none of us checked the time we arrived) which was not a very good time cause the sun was already up and ppl usually hike up to watch sunrise. ok, nvm that it was sunny and we were all sweating like crazy by 10mins, it was the terrain that was the challenge. now that im typing this only i realised that yesterday was my first time ever hiking...woohoo!! haha.
so for a first timer like me, the hike up was a great challenged. i'd never dared climb anything that's steep and by that i mean like 70-75% steep. basically your butt is showing straight to the person behind you as you try to push your body forward as much possible so you wont fall back :p

anyway, we did made it up the hill (kinda). a few went all the way up to the peek but the rest went three quarter and one (which was me) stopped at slightly below three quarter. lol. i still consider that an achievement ok :p coming down was rather easy and somewhat fun-er that going up.

after broga we headed for lunch at the town for pan mee, cendol and ice kacang (recommended by kai seng, the semenyih-ian).

after which, we decided to head for sungai gabai waterfall, which we all thought was not too far. we were all proven wrong when it finally took us one solid hour to get there from semenyih! the place was pretty nice. we had a good time there :) cold chilly water was what we needed from the burn we got from climbing the hill. haha

all in all, it was an awesome day with awesome ppl :)) as i said in my twitter, no matter where the destination is the company you have is what matters most to make a memorable time.

p/s: thanks a bunch to our drivers, tim and wilson for driving us! we know how tough it is to manoeuver a van loaded with 11 ppl under the hot and humid weather. so thank you! :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

hola! :)

my gosh...finally!! i've not been able to access blogspot ever since my last post due to i dont know what. in fact, i've not been able to access google or any google related sites. so when ivan said he fixed something yesterday and he could access his gmail, i thought i'd just give blogspot a shot and...wa la! here i am. lol's 2010 already (i know i'm kinda slow, blame google :p). yup, yet another year. so sad :( you look back and go "oh my, i cant believe that that was last year!" i have this love-hate thing bout moving into a new year. a new year first of all reminds me that i'm another year older and trust me, i do feel it, now that this would be the third year my age starts with a 2. i've never really thought of it until i suddenly realized that i've only got so much time left to do things that you'd only enjoy doing in your 20s...if you get what i mean :p
and then there're all these uncertain things ahead of you as each new year unfolds. i for one, dislike changes. i know of many who just cant wait to see what awaits them but unfortunately i'm not of one them. i've always thought changes to be 'ma fan' and depressing. although i've been proven wrong many times, i still dont like changes :p

ok so new years are not so bad after all. this is when things you've planned or looked forward to last year could take place right? =) there're probably as many if not more positive stuff that we normally look forward to as each new year arrives.

oh well, bottom line is, God is in control of every thing and all we little people of this earth have to do is very simple, trust. i know it's easier said than done. i myself fall short of this all the time and have to be constantly reminded.
Note to myself: He knows what's He doing ok, He's God after all! so learn to let go and let the driver take control of the wheel! :)

phew...that's a whole chunk of words. lol
check this sound out! it's my song for the week though not like i have song for each week :p haha but got me singing (in my head) the whole week :)


going Genting with cousins this sunday!! yup, genting again -_- but but this would be our first time without our parents!! weee...hehe =)

here comes the weekend!