Wednesday, December 31, 2008

what does tomorrow promise?

"it's the last day of the year." i heard a girl saying that to her friends when i was on board the bus just now and it suddenly dawned on me that IT'S THE LAST DAY of 2008!! it struck me that after today, there's no way we can come back to 2008. it's like what's happened is permanently passed. all that's left are memories.

this new year, i hope to draw closer to God. i realised i've been slacking in my walk with Him and it doesn't feel good at all. i pray that He's door is still open for me and i have faith that it is :)
as for us all, lets hope 2009 brings us to greater heights in understanding His love and grace. to be grateful for the grace that allows us to be where we are today. it's amazing what a forgiving and loving God we have. no matter how far or how long we've strayed away, He's always there waiting with arms open wide for us to return to Him. in Him there's always hope and light. amazing.'s wishing all of you a very Happy New Year!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

He is the reason for this season


ps: for those who wished me through text...sorry i couldn't reply cuz my line is currently in the process of switching to maxis. thanks for the wishes and hope that you all have a blessed christmas!
ya ya...for those maxis ppl out there, you can now msg me more :p haha.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

passing by another year

Christmas is just TWO days away! wow! and that means the year is nearing to its end too. wow! another year. time indeed flies. i can still vividly remember last Christmas and now one year has passed.

Christmas sends a simple yet significant message that is still not known to many i believe. it's not about Santa (i dont know where that white-beard guy came from anyway), neither is it bout gifts nor parties. it all about a simple story with profound message.
it's about JESUS CHRIST. this was the day that He was born and sent down to earth for both you and me, a day of rejoice. this little baby born in a manger was sent to earth for a mission - to die for the sins of you and me that we would be reconciled with God. without this baby boy we're heading hell.
so Christmas is a day to rejoice and be glad in it, for this is the day that our Saviour was born :)

of course parties and gifts and fun are not wrong, it's just that make sure this day is celebrated for it's real reason-Jesus. so go!! be merry and celebrate :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

being the girl i am

guess what i've been doing since yesterday? ;) i've been window shopping online!! i didnt know how fun and interesting it could be! haha. i've heard of local online boutiques that operates through blogs but have not actually took the time to see them. now that i have, i'm so hooked on it :p it's really fun i tell you! screening through pretty clothes, shoes and bags at reasonable prices. these stuff seem to look more affordable online...i dont know why. oh oh!! i just ordered a mini handbag. hehe. i've enquired on a number of things and am waiting for their replies to decide which one to buy. they're my christmas presents la c'mon...more accurately, self-given presents :p haha

here are some of the sites:
Ultimate Dazzle
The Luxurious Fashionista
Elegant Extravaganza
Clothes Bucket

work has been rather dull and boring. to prove boss just yawned...loudly.

man...the year is ending very soon. how time flies....sigh....

Monday, December 15, 2008

i know my God is real and nothing will change how i feel

today's my first day back to work after two days on sick leave. the sore throat was no fun. i woke up on thursday to a hoarse voice which eventually became worse that i could barely speak :p and the pills...eeww...never liked them. why cant all pills be teeny-weeny shapes. why must there be some gigantic pills that are so hard to swallow. ee....

the sleep-in(s) and afternoon naps were good though :) hehe

vbs was great! the kids were awesome! the teachers and volunteers were the best but God was amazing throughout the three days!!

this year adrienne and i took the preschool class. the kids range from age three to five. man...they are so adorable and cute!! every single one of them are so special. no wonder they are precious in God's eyes ;)

check them out:
the songs were addictive. seriously. i was even singing it in my sleep :p

Friday, November 28, 2008

this where i will be spending most of my time, unfortunately :p

my workstation (1)
my workstation (2)

my workstation (3)

the counter where we meet students

the whole office from main door to lunch. McD! :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

another new start

it's one minute to 9am now and im the only one in the office. starting to worry if i should be here or back at the old place. man....

i've moved to the new office yesterday and honestly, i dont really like it :p it's not the place, it's just the whole getting-used-to-it feeling. i've just finally got myself settled in and gotten used to that place, now they wanna move. i wshed they had done it earlier. now i have to start all over. new desk, new work station, new pantry, new route and even new toilet. sheesh...
this keyboard position is so uncomfortable and this work station is so exposed. i had alot of privacy in the previous one. now its like every thing i do can be seen :p

ok it's 8 minutes past nine and there's no one here still.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

it is so the 50's

M: we were talking then she came to this part.."give me ivy's email address, i pass to him then they can send emails to each other."

I: NO......!!!

M: listen first la...then i said to her "i dont think ivy would like it, let me ask her permission first." then shes said "haiya...not love love ma, just write letters only." i said "never mind let me ask ivy first k."

I: phew.....

see, the story goes like my grand cousin's wedding last saturday, my grandaunt (not the bride's mum) wanted to intro me to this single doctor from Ireland, a friend of the bride. huh? intro? you might ask. yes. in this 20th century. and the conversation above, was my mum telling me what she had talked to that aunt the phone earlier yesterday, which was like three days after her first attempt on saturday....and she still didnt give up :p

this was how it went:

A: come ivy, i want to introduce you to Dr M (not Mahathir :p).

I: huh? doctor who?

A: Dr M, Aleena's friend from Ireland. come come...i want to introduce both of you.

I: huh??!! no no...dont want la aunty (trying to sound as polite as possible), i can find my own boyfriend :p

A: *turns to my cousin who just joined the conversation* ah..come michelle, i introduce you to Dr M.

M: huh? what? who?

A: *pulls her hand into the house towards Dr M*

then i dont know what happened but my cousin came out very fast.

A: *drags (literally) my hand into the house towards Dr M*

I: *showing the "Help me" look to my cousins*

A: ah...Dr M this is ivy. Ivy this is Dr M

Dr M: oh oh... *shakes my hand* nice to meet you ivy.

I: *mind went blank as everyone stares* er...Hi (shakes back his hand) *turns around and slowly walks away* was so awfully awkward. but honestly, i pity Dr M more. i mean he's a guy and a professional for that matter. and here goes this aunt of mine, publicly declaring that he's single and as if saying "Dr M, why at this age still dont have girlfriend ar..some more a doctor. here let me get you one." least that's how i felt what my aunt was trying to convey indirectly. i mean...he looks like a nice guy, seriously, so dont have to say so openly and loudly when introducing la. kesian that fella. i'm a girl and i'm still young (20 is not old ok :) so i dont really care. but i feel sorry for him la. the whole day was kinda awkward after that. haha.

sorry Dr M ! :) at least i kept your privacy by not disclosing your name XD

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i've finally found someone, someone to share my life

love was in the air. technically. everyone was so filled with joy and happiness and most of all, filled with love. the night before the wedding we were singing love songs on the karaoke, then everywhere was filled with symbols of love i.e pink and red roses, heart shape chocolates and in the ballroom dinner was accompanied by love songs that were played throughout the night. it was all bout love. that is why i love weddings :)

it was really heart warming to see the happy faces and hear the laughters of my family during my grandcousin's wedding. everyone was having pure fun. i also love it that my family is a multi-racial family. we have chinese, indians, malays and even eurasians. a true malaysian family i would say. oh and guess what, the best man was a malay and the bride's maid was an indian. now that's what i call muhibah :)
all in all, i enjoyed every bit of it :) and to Daniel and Aleena, all the best as you journey in this new chapter together! may the love of God be filled in your marriage :)

and and and...Aleena, in case u stumble upon this blog, you looked absolutely gorgeous!! :)
there were actually tons of pictures but i dont know why my cousins didnt upload them. or else i could have 'stolen' more to post it up :p

ps: that's nine 'love' in one single post. and it just became ten. haha

Thursday, November 13, 2008

mission accomplished

notice that i've been blogging three consecutive days? good. it shows that you've been reading my blog for three consecutive days which puts in the same position...bored :p hehe.
well before you give your verdict, let me explain why have i been blogging for three days when i'm supposed to be working. ok here's why:
  1. my senior senior is, was and will be on MC
  2. i've done whatever i'm supposed to do
  3. low activity season
  4. there's really nothing to do
  5. i'll be embarrassed if i walk over to my senior and ask if there's anything to do again cause i've done that countless times :p
  6. my senior is also free, so that shows that there's really no work :)
so...i did manage to get myself something decent for the wedding dinner after three hours of solo shopping last saturday. it's not too bad really. it's a dress :) and i like it (duh! i chose it). it's not to o formal and not too casual. i also got my self a pair of heels at a pretty unexpected price (that means cheap) and a working shirt. so yea...quite happy :). then i also got my mum a blouse and my sis a top and cute pinky hairbands. didnt have enough $$ for Ivan though. hehe. he'll have to wait till Christmas :p it was a fruitful day despite the painful soles. hehe

now i've nothing else to do. why dont they put sofa beds in offices XD

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

it is all Your will O Lord

i'm so bored. i've just read my entire past posts. man...i feel like sleeping....zzzzzz

after reading those posts, frankly speaking, i was pretty surprise. haha. based on the amount of emotions i've put in when writing those posts, i least aspect i'm of that type. haha. but i guess a lil of emotion cant do any harm :p
well..i must say alot has change since. and i mean alot. mostly positive ones. myself for one have change too and hopefully for the better. God has indeed been faithful. despite my disobedience, lack of faith and pride sometimes, He stuck to me. what more can i ask of my Father? at times i wish i was wiser at those time when i needed too but i figured if i was wise i wouldn't have needed God. and thus, not realise how deep is His love for me. reading those posts, i really am grateful for the one Friend that was there for me through thick and thin, my dearest Lord Jesus, couldn't have gone through without Him.

"He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it." i Thessalonians 5.24

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

true colors caught on camera

yup. that's my sister.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

all the little blessings

i'm at work now and kinda free. so thought could do some blogging on random stuff. hehe

after work today i thought i'd go shopping at midvalley or sunway pyramid. i need to get at least something decent for my grandcousin's wedding that's coming up next saturday. this is one wedding that i think i would at least have some fun after all the unknown weddings i've been to, that ppl only go to show face, eat some food and go home. at least this time is a closer relative. pretty exciting :) so yea...i must get something nice! haha. i've actually went on a scout last night after work and spotted a couple of pretty blouses. so hopefully i'll be able to get one least.

bus and train have become my secondary transport and almost primary.! hopefully not :p practically every single day except sundays, i ride on either one of them. so sad :( haha. and man...ktm is one 'special' train you should try to avoid taking..especially on weekdays. unfortunately for me, i have no choice. i think it's worse than sardines. i dont even have to move and people will push me in to the train. in the train, everyone's so squashed that you only have enough room for breathing. also, its like a mini wave in there when squashed passengers 'flow' according to the movement of the train..especially the people in the middle who have no poles to cling on to. yes. it IS fun. it gets better when you get people around you who cough and sneeze without covering their mouths and nose. wa...!! i dont know bout others but i kinda have phobia bout that. i imagine the germs floating in the air and then enter into my nostrils and it'll be stuck in my head till i reach my station and get out. eee...cannot tahan.
BUT i still thank God for these public transports. without them i would have to be stuck in my remotely placed home :p haha

*out of boredom, i've highlighted my favourite things in life.

Friday, October 31, 2008

lest i forget

Lest I forget Gethsemane,

Lest I forget Thine agony;

Lest I forget Thy love for me,

Lead me to Calvary.

Jennie Evelyn Hussey

Thursday, October 30, 2008

potatoes and gate

we finally made the mashed potato! and it was good! i couldn't believe that at the first try it turned out pretty decent. well actually pretty good :p hehe. we didnt use any measurements whatsoever...we just 'campak' the ingredients in with rough estimation. not bad huh? haha

then while the girls...well technically there were two girls and a 'girl'' :p - made the mashed potato, the guys painted robert's gate.

btw bryan painted too...he took some time off to test his photography skills :)

then after everything was done, that was bout 11pm...we decided to have a night picnic by the poolside.

judging from the faces...i can prove that i was was good :) yum!

full and happy.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

KL - a place of wonder

now that i've ventured into working life, i know what do people mean they say they have no time. u know why? that's because all their time are wasted in traffic jams! and i tell u, i speak this based on experience. yesterday itself i took 3 1/2 solid hours to reach home. i reached home at 9pm! the jam was massive but thank God i managed to get seats :) or else my leg would have patah-ed :p

i seriously wonder where do these tons of people come from? can KL hold so many people? haha. it's like there's no escape route for me. every transport i take is jam packed with people. almost everyday i have to wrestle with crowds to get into the bus and most of the time its not the matter of seats anymore, its whether can we actually board the bus. there are times when the bus doesn't even stop, leaving all the eager and anxious passengers-to-be standing there like 'dong-dong' and that includes me :p

i was just thinkin, when do i have time to go shopping? i cant seem to think of when. i need a new pair of shoes and new wallet. i also dont know when will be the next time i go out for movies. what's the latest movie ar? haiz...macam mana ni. haha

oh oh. there's something i found out on thrusday that shocked me to death...ok maybe not death but close. my colleague, the only one will be working with me under mr.chia (my boss), is staying in the same area as me! and same section! wait there's more...same road! my goodness, when i found out i was like "huh??!!" she lives just about 10metres down the road. a small world indeed. haha.

Monday, October 13, 2008

when the day feels like night

goodness...i'm so bored that i've yawned a hundred times i think today. completed all my work and everyone's so busy to pass me work. can't even recall how many times i've walked back and forth the counter and my desk. sleepy sleepy sleepy....

Thursday, October 9, 2008


yop. wow. cant believe i'm actually working. and honestly, it's really not as fun as i thought it would be. i guess the part that make it suck is the journey. it's like a crazy adventure every morning and evening. chasing trains and buses, in short chasing time. but its great to have adrienne around cuz it makes this place less alien. oh and aunty pui fun too. i've just finished a briefing session with a senior on what will be my job when we move to the new office later this month. my oh my...just listening to her makes my head spin. i wonder what it's like when it actually comes along. i dont think i want to picture it for now. even as at now, my life is fast forwarded already. basically similar to having no life :p everyday leave home at 6.30am then reach home by 7.30 earliest then go to sleep at 10.30. haiyo...but i guess that's working life. everyone goes through the same thing unless you're a heir or happen to be married to a rich husband ;) (for ladies got no choice but to work. hehe)

so...i've not been writting for quite a while, a month and six days to be exact. so much going on since the last post. exams, interview, house moving (not mine, adrienne's and robert's) and then finally work. i'm so looking forward to weekends now and holidays :p haha

i dont think i'll be writing any soon unless i have free time which i doubt. so i guess for now that all the updates i've got. till then, toodles :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

meow meow

took care of my aunts kittens for a couple of days when she was away. they have no name cause my cousin is too lazy to give them a name. so we just call them the black and white one :p
they're just so adorable!!!
i love the white one more...he's sooo cute!! :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

how great is our God

i've just come to realise that i didn't notice anything bout the bands that were playing during Passion KL last Sunday. my cousin was like "the drummer changed u know when charlie hall sang" and i was like "ya meh?". i didn't even noticed when charlie hall came out until bryan pointed put to me so how was i supposed to notice his drummer.suprisingly i wasn't star struck or whatsoever at the sight of these singers. all my attention was on the One above.nothing about chris tomlin, charlie hall or louie giglio could distract me from the One whose name was so highly lifted up that night.nothing.

if only everyone could see how gloriously His renown was being proclaimed,the picture of the lyrics "how great is our God...and all will see how great is our God" will be made much clearer.

i stand in awe of Him. indeed His name is to be praised above all else.

Friday, August 8, 2008

look at the stars

three more days and i have not even started on my International Business assignment. great. this is my last sem. even better. -_-


Passion = awesome !!!

'Nuf said.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

never liked seasons like this

i've been feeling sick-ish since friday. it's like one day i feel like i'm gonna fall sick then the other i dont. the thing is i only feel sick when i'm at home. i guess my mum and sis contributed a lot to this...they practically contaminated the whole house especially the room. oh and the car too. ugh...

plus, there're like four assignments due in two weeks or less. and i cant believe i totally forgot i have one due next monday! thank God, i mean really thank Him, the lecturer extended the time to the following monday. i dont know what made her do that but i sure need that extra time :p


on a side note, connexion conference and passion is this week! i hope that we'll continue to pray that both these events will see their goals accomplished...that through the love of Christ many hearts will be touched and lives saved. besides that, lets also pray that not only will these events change the hearts and lives of the non-believers but that they will also renew the lives of believers. that they will be renewed in their faith and passion for God.

this will be one exciting week :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

a time off would be do some help

the newspapers and news are getting insanely boring. every page you turn to it's bout politics and almost half of the time the news is talking bout politics. why cant these ppl get a life? is it that difficult to just for once not get on each others' nerves?

just turn on the news and you'll never miss out on what's 'new' in the parliment. ministers are insulting each other like nobody's business. that's just plain childish and lame. what's the point of voting for these ppl when all they care about is their own agendas and not serving the citizens as they 'promised' before the election. all empty promises.

personally, to be on the opposition side, questioning every single move of the government and make them sound as bad as possible is really easy. even i can do that...when nth better to do, i lsit down all the problems and then throw it all at the government to answer. it's so easy but try being in the government! things are not as simple. say solve means solve.
my mum used to say "these ppl complain so much but asked to take care of own family also they not capable, what more a country." i feel that's really true...humans always tend to see the speck of dust in others' eyes but the plank in their own they cant.

i may sound so pro government but i'm not all that against the oppositions. no doubt each country will not progress without oppostitions to point out the flaws of the ruling goverment, so it's as vital to have them around but it becomes sickening when certain individual leaders try to go against the government for personal benefits, gains and power.

a respected leader be it from the government or oppositions should try acting like one before asking us to vote for them. stop being so childish.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008's been a while since i wrote a long post. lol

Josh Harris #2

ok so i dont really have like a sequel of this to put numbering to my posts. anyway, i'm done reading I Kissed Dating Goodbye and considering that i'm not a reader, reading a book in itself is an achievement what more finishing it :p

so here's what i've gathered from reading that book and trust me every young adults on this planet should read this. it just gives you a clear idea nd understanding of what a true and 'correct' relationship should be. and for the Christians, this book really outlines and defines the kind of relationship that God would like us to that mirrors Him.

here's the summary:
the key foundation to a relationship is commitment and the reward of this commitment is the joy of intimacy (i'm just paraphrasing Harris's line)not vice versa which is contrary to the perception of the world today. tons of young people today think that "oh..if we start getting close (holding hands, hugging, kissing and even sex), he or she will eventually commit to me" or that by doing all these they will help sustain the relationship. wrong.
when someone gets into a relationship without commitment and marriage in mind, that selfish person is actually robbing. what? robbing? yup a sense that he is robbing that 'gf' of his from her future husband which God has predestined her to be with. instead of giving her whole self to her husband on the wedding day, this guy has robbed part if not full of her from her husband. same goes to a girl.

Harris gave a clearer view on this through a letter sent by one of his readers. this girls wrote to him telling Harris of a dream she had. in her dream, it was her wedding day. she walked down the isle with joy in her heart knowing that she was finally marrying the mand she loved. after the vows and all, the pastor asked if anyone rejected their marriage. a girl in the congregation stood up, walked to the front and stood beside the groom. then this was followed by a couple more girls and they made a line beside the groom. so the bride asked with tears in her eye, "what's going on?". the groom answered "i'm sorry but these are the girls that i once gave (heart, soul, mind, love, care) myself to and now i can only give you what's left of me."

personally, as i read that and thought the bride must have felt like a stab in her chest. it hurts. it really does and so that is why God asked us to wait upon Him patiently and when the right time comes, He will reveal the person you're supposed to spent your life with.


this book does not discourage dating or courtship as the title might indicate, rather it gives triggers our minds to think and evaluate how we can be pure in our minds, soul and body so that we can give our whole to our husbands or wives.


here's an irony : i'm now reading PS I Love You.

it's just for fun la :p haha. i've always wanted to read this since it's such a big hit.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Josh Harris #1

so...i have been reading I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Josh Harris this week and i'm only half way through yet this book has already spoken so much.

"Intimacy without commitment contradicts what the Bible teaches about true love. Instead of being selfless, it's selfish; instead of being patient, it's impatient; instead of looking out for the ongoing good of the other person, it's focused on the needs of the moment."

"Where is true love found? It's found in God's brand of love-love founded on faithfulness, love rooted in commitment."

"The joy of intimacy is the reward of commitment"

Joshua Harris

Friday, June 20, 2008

this is a story of girl

as i look back, i've realised that i've changed quite a bit the past half a year. how?

  • learnt to look at things not only for a one sided point of view but to also look at them from the other perspectives...why only look at one side of the cube when it has four sides?
  • learnt not to take things too seriously that sometimes i feel like i've lost the wow-ness for things =(
  • to understand or at least try to understand that people do something for a reason
  • learnt to look for the 'positives' in people....not easy you know :p but at least it makes life happier =)
  • makes me happier and less drained...if u haven't known, it's really tiring being angry :p

hmm...thats's quite a bit of a learning there huh.'s all part of His great plan, The Ivy Mak's Life Plan. haha. but yea...all that had happened is God-allowed and He simply allows them to happen so that i could learn these life lessons that ultimately moves me a step forward in this life plan of mine.


i've just sent like 10 fun toys, 8 hugs, 5 teddy bears and 15 lil green roseys on facebook .

and i'm gettin annoyed with the curiosity i get each time i hear a sms coming in only to open and see: "subscribe Fuyoh get a 5% rebate or type EURO to win this price that price. sender: Digi" -_-

Monday, June 2, 2008

to God be the Glory

i believe all who went for the camp can testify that it was a terrific experience =) besides the good food, great worship, "breath taking" games :p and powerful sermon, God was there. He was there all the time with us...we could see how He worked through the each and everyone of them.

i mean what better place to be than to spend four days with our brothers and sisters in Christ in a camp and to have just pure clean and crazy fun. but at the same time bonded through one glorify the Almighty and to acknowledge that He is the King of this universe!

i just couldn't hold back my tears to see simple gestures in the youths such as lifting their hands during worship. gestures so simple yet so overwhelming to see that these young people are actually acknowledging their Father above as the Almighty...One who deserves all glory and honour!! even as i write this now its so hard to hold back the tears to see how many lives and hearts were touched through this camp. indeed His understanding no one can fathom.

and yes...i still cant believe how small we are compared to Him who made it all!


Friday, May 23, 2008

cook? archuleta?

well though we already know who won but i must say i say if i were to choose, i really have no idea who it would be. i love both Davids!i wish there could be two idols so both Davids will win :p lol Archuleta is so cute! he looks like such a sweet and nice guy. Cook however is hot! that's all i can say bout him. hehe. as for voice...dua dua pun cun:p

this is my happiest season for American Idol. three of my favourites are in the top three! never happened before. looks like i have taste this season ;) not bad not bad. haha.


CAMP !!! 5 more days to go !!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

counting down the days

Narnia and Prince Caspian = brilliant!

Promotional Management paper = did pretty well

Human Resource paper = coming up

Weather = cannot tahan

Ugly Betty = tonight! yay!

Meta camp 2 = cant wait! a week to go...whee...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

i'm done...bye bye Law

aaahh....its such a relief that this crazy paper is over! but i feel like digging a hole and sink my head in! now all i want is a pass. that's it. no A nevermind. aarrgghh....studied for this like mad and ended up screwing it! geramnya....

but you know what, i trust in God that He'll give me a deserving result. honestly, the fact that i'm only answerable to God and that's what matters, makes me feel much better. i mean i did all i can with His help and i trust that He'll take care of the rest =)

Friday, May 9, 2008

this is so not my forte

for those who know me long enough will know that i'm one anti-education kinda person. arrgggh...just dont seem to see its rationale :p

this whole studying thing is giving me a headache and Law doesn't help any much less. the lecturer made it worst by giving notes that are ridiculously tough to comprehend and that without clear explainations. so how? well thank God for the power of internet though it didnt really clear my queries.

now as i'm still searching for more info, i've decided to check out on recipes for cupcakes. hehe. i've always wanted to try to bake these cute and pretty sweet-tasting-tiny-little-cakes but haven't found the time. so what better time to try than on my study break right? when i should be studying for that oh so alien subject. and the paper is coming up in 4days time. wuhoo...
no tempting as it is, i wont bake them now. after finals maybe =)

in the past one week, i realised i've been indulging in a lot of sweet stuff. it's like i have this craving for sweet things i.e jellies, yogurt-filled biscuits, cupcakes (ready made :p) and biscuits with chocolate spread, donuts, choco wafers and more to come i predict. the best part is my house is always complete with these supplies. hehehe

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


it's my birthday! it's my birthday! haha.

and yes as queenie reminded me...i finally hit the big 2! i'm 20!! :p

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

oh Lord, i need you more than anything now

just as michelle said, its so hard to live up to the image of Christ. the responsibilty of bearing the image of Christ is so heavy. i ask myself "can i do it? can i perservere on?" it feels like i'm gonna disappoint Him and that doesn't feel good. how can i disappoint my Father after all that He's done for me? how could i?

oh Lord, strengthen me in days of darkness. teach me how to live a life that's pleasing to you. a life that upholds and glorifies You. may You lead me out of this darkness for i can bare it no more. in You i put my hope and trust and on You i lay all my burdens. Amen

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


i just cant seem to believe that there really exist this kind of people. maybe i've not met any till now that's why it's so hard to accept that people can do such things to others.


i mean aren't there any feeling of remorse or sorry at all? it's like "look here everyone, this is all about me, me and me." c'mon stop being selfish. we live in a world where everything we do has its consequences and this will at least affect one if not all the people around us! btw i'm not saying this for myself alone but also for the others who are affected directly or indirectly by actions of some people, so to speak. i'm not emo or overly sensitive...i just feel that there's no point covering up anymore when there're no signs of change.

it's time to stop thinking bout yourself!! life of selfishness is just plain pathetic! stop and look around you, see how many people actually care and love you genuinely and really hope you'll change for the better. think!

Friday, April 11, 2008

how high is our tolerance level?

just finished talking to a friend bout her problems with her housemates. it got me thinking. it's just so hard sometimes to have to tolerate certain things. why do we have to tolerate things that are so intolerable?

there are times when i myself just feel like blurting out everything and anything without having to think of what and how i'll look and sound to people. there're some people whom i feel should be told off or yelled at or fired at. they deserve that knock on the head. immature? stupid? emo? sensitive? crazy? dont care!

but i cant not care. i care. just cant bring myself to do it.cant.

i think the basic and commnon reasons that stop us (rather stops me) from "exploding" are that we always want to keep that "nice" image we potray or to avoid straining a relationship or afraid of the post consequence(s) or afraid that others will change their perception of us. however most of all, i think we have to ask ourselves "Will God be happy?" the hesitation is actually the Holy Spirit stirring us that's why we stop to think before acting. there's a feeling of guilty-ness inside. which is good because it distinguishes us from the others. the Holy Spirit lives in us to giude and teach us what's right and wrong in the sight of our Father. to help mould us to reflect the image of Christ. on our own we will never be able to do it.

after talking so long, the only thing i could say to my friend was to pray and be patient. there's no such thing as dead end. there's always hope. God will make a way where there seems to be no way, He works in ways we cannot see, He will make a way. though it may seem silly to some but there's no problem to silly for God. so to my friend, keeping praying! =)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Revolution

As promised, this are the details of the camp i mentioned. Seriously guys, come if you can. It's gonna be an experience you'll never forget =)

Camp name: 4:12 Revolution

Tagline: Dare to be Different

Host: WinGS, Cheras Baptist Church

Day and Time: 27 May, 2008 (Tuesday) till 30 May, 2008 (Friday)

Place: El Sanctuary, Melaka

Message: The 2nd Meta Youth Camp which we have all been waiting for - bigger and better! Hurry get your registration forms and be a part of a challenge which will cost your all. Don't forget to invite your friends!

OR...if u cant make it, help spread this to ur frens and families! hehe

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lord hear our cry

i just feel so exhausted with having so much to do in so little time. sometimes i get so tired that i just dont know what to do next and this usually happens after a long day at college. haha. like this morning, i totally had no idea what to wear to school today which is so not me. most mornings i wake up with an outfit in mind so i dont have to scramble through my cupboard for clothes. dont really fancy the idea of taking an hour to search for ONE outfit that's why i usually prepick my clothes. hehe

anyway...aside from that i'm also really excited about camp! its one thing i really look forward to this year =) to those who're wondering what camp i'm talking about, i'll give futher details in my next post. sorry really gotta run now =p

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Luke 6: 27-28

it says "But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you."

wow..bless those who curse you and pray for those who mistreat you? but why? well...of course i know why but can i do it? i dont know. for now? i really dont know if i can do it.
then people will come and tell me "why cant u just get over it and let it go?" dont u think i want to do that too? this is really tiring fyi. and its not that easy. saying is easy but nobody will truly understand because the one who went through it was and is ME. its really not as simple as you think. a kid wont know the meaning of pain if he has not fallen and got himself injured.

however, dont get me wrong, in saying all that i'm not pointing fingers at others for not being understanding because unlike some, that's just not my style. i understand and have been in the position of others in cases like this where words are the only thing we can offer.

that is why i choose not to talk about it anymore cause i know there's no point. all i have to deal with now is myself. unfortunately..haha...i'm a pretty expressive kinda person. i will always want to share my feelings and thoughts, so for now the people i feel sorry for are my mum and brother for having to listen to me. hehe.
but still, God is my ultimate listener...He's the one i tell everything to because i know He can understand me more than anyone can and He wont get tired of listening to me, which is what i really need =)

Friday, March 21, 2008

how does it look?

ok..i got bored with my old template. not too sure if this one looks good.

need some feedback. what do u think?

they are slowly fading, sadly

i know i'm stress when i dont know what i'm doing or what i should do next. and that's what's been happening to me this week :p

yes, my i-think-i-can-fly pic is ridiculously retarded.

Happy Good Friday!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

a boring but refreshing getaway

after much pestering from Ivory, we finally gave in. we went to Bukit Tinggi (yes, where the last church camp was held) last Thursday. honestly, it didnt turn out as bad as i thought it would be, surprisingly=)

besides eating and sleeping, there was nothing much we could do there. here's what we did:

Day 1 - arrived at 10.45, ate at around 11.15, took a nap from 12 till 4, ate again, took a stroll, ate, watched Mr Deeds (again!), sleep

Day 2 - woke up at around 8.30, ate breakfast, went to Colmar, Japanese Village and Rabbit park (yes, again! =p), ate lunch at 3, nap from 5 to
bout 7 plus, ate dinner at 8, cousins came for a stay, aunt brought more food...what la =p

Day 3 - woke up round 8sth, ate super filling breakfast, accompanied cousins to Colmar, Jap Village (that was my4th time!), got back to apt at 1, prepared lunch, ate, packed up and left at 4.

personally, out of everything, i enjoyed the shuttles rides the most. the cool and chilly air and the greens along the way made me feel so fresh ed. a kind of feeling that i can never get in KL. it was sort of an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. no worries. no track of time. no assignments. no school. nice =)

just in case you're curious of how Bukit Tinggi looks like (which i doubt u are), photos are in my facebook.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

blur me

you see..i dont have the habit of reading back whatever i wrote and thus i dont realise the numerous silly spelling and grammar mistakes i made =p haha. i only tend to read my posts days later and "look ivy, there's a mistake there, and there and there..." lol

now i know. read before you post. hehe

Monday, March 10, 2008

You're happy, I'm happy

there's always a time in life where we reach to a crossroad and we dont know which path to take. left? right? a dilemma i would say.

now, at the crossroad, the question is which path is the right one? for my case, it was whether to stand up for myself or do what pleases God. it was so tempting to do the former. i mean, who wouldn't ? it's a natural reaction when we're being treated unfairly especially by people we hold so dear to our heart. however, when the two choices were thrown to me, i immediately knew i wanted to please God more than anything else and that brought me to tears because that meant that i cant have justice for myself. BUT....the image of God smiling down at me and saying "Ivy, I am proud of you." gave me an indescribable feeling that confirmed my choice further. i want my Father in heaven and the God of the universe to be happy, pleased and ultimately glorified with the path i chose.

so what about the 'standing up for myself' part you'd ask. well...God will do that for me! when? i dont know. God works in His own timing and i believe that it will happen at the right time. after all He owns time, He can take as much time as He wants and who are we to question Him right. anyway, time will tell and we'll just have to wait and see =)

3Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; 4perseverance, character; and character, hope. 5And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us. Romans 5:3-5

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

You are the Hope that leads me on the summary my past week.

ever felt like there's just so much going on in your head and your mind just decides to shut off? well...i'm in that state right now. or rather has been since Sunday. heh.

you know there's just so much one can bare, the rest are really left to God. there's nothing much we humans can do than to hope and pray that our Almighty God will carry us through.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

a humble reminder

contrary to our common views, i look at other's death as God' s reminder to us of how fragile our life can be sometimes. we have almost zero amount of control over it. the way i see it, life is like a lighted candle that has no idea whatsoever as to when a wind would come and just blow its light off and that's scary. God can choose to blow that light off anytime He wishes, after all it belongs to Him; He owns it.

however, if the end destination of our life is apparent, i don't see any reason why there should be fear. =)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

business world madness

after yesterday's experience, i realised that the term "no money, no talk" really applies especially in the business world. a world of no emotions i call it. so unbelievable. sigh...heh

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

couldn't have done it without you

i have nothing much to say really except that it's kinda depressing that everything's back to normal after the somewhat long-awaited-chinese-new-year break has finally come to an end. lol

i'll try to post some pics of my CNY week maybe. i'll try. heh

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

dont expect too much, my dear

today's presentation didn't go really well. haha. well...i didn't even know that i was nervous until i realised i didn't know what i was talking about. i was babbling. for the first time i wasn't confident with what i was going to present. all thanks to the lecturer who expects to much out and ended up being dissapointed because the class only had like two weeks to prepare the report and the presentation, and she expects excellent outcomes.
she's dissapointed, its ok. but she made things worse by taking it out on us. every group seem to have flaws in their work. her remarks were generally not so pleasant i would say. heh. and mind you, we still have two more presentations to go! how to survive la?

my advice to her:'s too short to be so stressed up. have a break, have a Kit Kat...LOL =p

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the rain that falls in the night

there are some people who are placed in our lifes simply to bring misery. sometimes even the sight of them hurts you.

no i'm serious. i bet everyone has had or will have at least one person in his or her life that has painted or will paint unpleasant memories in his or her life. be it that 'best friend' you've known since forever that backstabs you for some guy or that boss who takes all the credit for the work you've done or that group of click in school who makes you feel like an outcast or that mum who favours your genius sister over you or that guy who broke your heart for what seem like the millionth time and the list goes on.

so what pulls us through these times?

well...for me is God. my stronghold and my deliverer. sometimes i wonder what would i be if i didn't have Him in my life. my answer: a resident in Hospital Bahagia, Tanjung Rambutan. lol.

i'm not saying my life is full of sorrows and hurts that i would have to enrol into a mental instituition. haha. all i'm saying is if it weren't for the faith i have in the Lord's unfailing love for me, i wouldn't view things the way i view them today. His grace and mercy has sustained me through all circumstances. and that is why i believe there's no problem too big for God. there's a saying that says " Jesus is bigger than the biggest problem you ever have." how true it is.

let me end with a passage from Psalms 23 that never fails to comfort me:

1 The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.
2 He makes me lie down in green pastures,

he leads me beside quiet waters,
3 he restores my soul.

He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil, for you are with me;

your rod and your staff, they comfort me.
5 You prepare a table before me

in the presence of my enemies.

You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.
6 Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life,

and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

boredom can actually kill


the lecturer has a serious problem! i'm having a migraine thanks to his super-duper "exciting" class and note that this is the same lecturer that i once said speaks at the speed of 2seconds per word. to make things worse is his "flawless" english and his constant SS (syok sendiri) remarks.

tuesday's class is gonna be such a torture from today on. good luck me.

Monday, January 21, 2008

more than words

this is who and what God is to me:

  • my faithful friend (always there to share my sorrows and joy)
  • my tower of refuge (the place i run to in troubled times)
  • my compass (guides me when i'm lost)
  • my teacher (to tell me what's right and wrong)

the list would never end actually.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

you gotta move on girl

school officially started yesterday. it was alright except for the fact that the lecturer spoke at the speed of two seconds per word almost put me to sleep :p really hope he improves though, or else a three-hour class would turn into a six-hour class. i can almost see that this sem would be one nerve wrecking semester. up to today, there will be three presentations to do and some role play and i have no clue how many more will

my uncle treated us to a lunch hi-tea at the Legend last sunday. it was fun. i love eating. hehe. i also love the fact that we are one family that eats without barrier. if you know what i mean. to us eat means eat. haha. no saying "eh dont eat this, too high cholesterol", "eh dont eat that, too much sugar", "eh you have high blood, dont eat seafood"...i mean you only live once, enjoy it while you can. plus it's not always that we indulge in all these right. so anyway eating with my family :) hehe.

oh..decided to go for a jog on tuesday with ivory. changed clothes, put on socks, shoes, opened the gate, walked to the park, took a stroll for like two minutes, started to jog a little. it rained. nice. -_-

all in all...its all good :)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Hello 2008 !

yup... and that also means goodbye 2007 :(

so yea...first post of the year. hehe. lets just start with a lil recap of 2007...overall it's been an exiciting year...lots of ups and downs actually and like ivan said, it's been a year with the most things happened.
there were good times like church camp in may (it was by far the best time of the year for me) and of course the year wouldn't be complete without the bad times which i dont think i would like to share. sorry to crush your hopes though. lol :p

anyways...its a new year and that means a fresh start too :) resolutions? hmm...i think i'll pass that. you see the reason why i dont wanna have new year resolutions is very simple: i dont keep up to it! so why bother...just go with the flow la...wherever God leads. haha. oh but there is one thing that i would like to start doin this year (hopefully the zeal stays to at least march :p), that is to exercise more or to be more accurate, to start exercising. haha. i'm not complaining bout being fat or anything but figured it'll be one of the more beneficial ways to fill my time as it finally dawned on me that sleeping isn't really fruitful after all. lol

other than that...i'll be starting my 6th sem that is the second last semester next exicting -_- i'm seriously not looking forward to business law...arrgh..all those penal codes just dont seem to exicite me. oh..but i do look forward to something though...Chinese New Year! lol. i know i's a month away. but having something to look forward to seem to make the days past faster. hehe

oh well...can't wait to see what's God installed for me this year :) till the next post....