Wednesday, December 19, 2007

make me smile

aunt and mum decided to take grandparents for buffet. it was aunt's treat :)
it's been a while since i indulged in food. hehe. it was good not to mention the extra pounds i care anyway. lol. oh and i realised i'm not really a meat person. couldn't even finish a piece of chicken, how pathetic.

and cant wait to go shopping. i want a new pair of shoes! :p but i think i have to go on my own since mum would most probably not fancy the idea of having to tail me shop after shop, cousins going out of town, ivan would rather guard the church and i would rather not torture my friends so solo-shopping it is though mum would disagree. oh well...we'll see. but anyhow i want a new pair of shoes by end of the year :p

oopps almost forgot...gotta write Christmas cards. have to post tomorrow. dont want them to be belated christmas cards. lol

arios XD

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