Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Revolution

As promised, this are the details of the camp i mentioned. Seriously guys, come if you can. It's gonna be an experience you'll never forget =)

Camp name: 4:12 Revolution

Tagline: Dare to be Different

Host: WinGS, Cheras Baptist Church

Day and Time: 27 May, 2008 (Tuesday) till 30 May, 2008 (Friday)

Place: El Sanctuary, Melaka

Message: The 2nd Meta Youth Camp which we have all been waiting for - bigger and better! Hurry get your registration forms and be a part of a challenge which will cost your all. Don't forget to invite your friends!

OR...if u cant make it, help spread this to ur frens and families! hehe


phing said...

i miss camp!! wish i could be there =(

IvyM said...

yea...so sad u cant be here this time. we miss you too!