Tuesday, April 15, 2008


i just cant seem to believe that there really exist this kind of people. maybe i've not met any till now that's why it's so hard to accept that people can do such things to others.


i mean aren't there any feeling of remorse or sorry at all? it's like "look here everyone, this is all about me, me and me." c'mon stop being selfish. we live in a world where everything we do has its consequences and this will at least affect one if not all the people around us! btw i'm not saying this for myself alone but also for the others who are affected directly or indirectly by actions of some people, so to speak. i'm not emo or overly sensitive...i just feel that there's no point covering up anymore when there're no signs of change.

it's time to stop thinking bout yourself!! life of selfishness is just plain pathetic! stop and look around you, see how many people actually care and love you genuinely and really hope you'll change for the better. think!

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phing said...

i can't believe it either. lol. but sometimes i really felt like im one of them =\