Monday, June 2, 2008

to God be the Glory

i believe all who went for the camp can testify that it was a terrific experience =) besides the good food, great worship, "breath taking" games :p and powerful sermon, God was there. He was there all the time with us...we could see how He worked through the each and everyone of them.

i mean what better place to be than to spend four days with our brothers and sisters in Christ in a camp and to have just pure clean and crazy fun. but at the same time bonded through one glorify the Almighty and to acknowledge that He is the King of this universe!

i just couldn't hold back my tears to see simple gestures in the youths such as lifting their hands during worship. gestures so simple yet so overwhelming to see that these young people are actually acknowledging their Father above as the Almighty...One who deserves all glory and honour!! even as i write this now its so hard to hold back the tears to see how many lives and hearts were touched through this camp. indeed His understanding no one can fathom.

and yes...i still cant believe how small we are compared to Him who made it all!


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