Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Josh Harris #2

ok so i dont really have like a sequel of this to put numbering to my posts. anyway, i'm done reading I Kissed Dating Goodbye and considering that i'm not a reader, reading a book in itself is an achievement what more finishing it :p

so here's what i've gathered from reading that book and trust me every young adults on this planet should read this. it just gives you a clear idea nd understanding of what a true and 'correct' relationship should be. and for the Christians, this book really outlines and defines the kind of relationship that God would like us to have...one that mirrors Him.

here's the summary:
the key foundation to a relationship is commitment and the reward of this commitment is the joy of intimacy (i'm just paraphrasing Harris's line)not vice versa which is contrary to the perception of the world today. tons of young people today think that "oh..if we start getting close (holding hands, hugging, kissing and even sex), he or she will eventually commit to me" or that by doing all these they will help sustain the relationship. wrong.
when someone gets into a relationship without commitment and marriage in mind, that selfish person is actually robbing. what? robbing? yup robbing...in a sense that he is robbing that 'gf' of his from her future husband which God has predestined her to be with. instead of giving her whole self to her husband on the wedding day, this guy has robbed part if not full of her from her husband. same goes to a girl.

Harris gave a clearer view on this through a letter sent by one of his readers. this girls wrote to him telling Harris of a dream she had. in her dream, it was her wedding day. she walked down the isle with joy in her heart knowing that she was finally marrying the mand she loved. after the vows and all, the pastor asked if anyone rejected their marriage. a girl in the congregation stood up, walked to the front and stood beside the groom. then this was followed by a couple more girls and they made a line beside the groom. so the bride asked with tears in her eye, "what's going on?". the groom answered "i'm sorry but these are the girls that i once gave (heart, soul, mind, love, care) myself to and now i can only give you what's left of me."

personally, as i read that and thought the bride must have felt like a stab in her chest. it hurts. it really does and so that is why God asked us to wait upon Him patiently and when the right time comes, He will reveal the person you're supposed to spent your life with.


this book does not discourage dating or courtship as the title might indicate, rather it gives triggers our minds to think and evaluate how we can be pure in our minds, soul and body so that we can give our whole to our husbands or wives.


here's an irony : i'm now reading PS I Love You.

it's just for fun la :p haha. i've always wanted to read this since it's such a big hit.

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