Tuesday, July 29, 2008

never liked seasons like this

i've been feeling sick-ish since friday. it's like one day i feel like i'm gonna fall sick then the other i dont. the thing is i only feel sick when i'm at home. i guess my mum and sis contributed a lot to this...they practically contaminated the whole house especially the room. oh and the car too. ugh...

plus, there're like four assignments due in two weeks or less. and i cant believe i totally forgot i have one due next monday! thank God, i mean really thank Him, the lecturer extended the time to the following monday. i dont know what made her do that but i sure need that extra time :p


on a side note, connexion conference and passion is this week! i hope that we'll continue to pray that both these events will see their goals accomplished...that through the love of Christ many hearts will be touched and lives saved. besides that, lets also pray that not only will these events change the hearts and lives of the non-believers but that they will also renew the lives of believers. that they will be renewed in their faith and passion for God.

this will be one exciting week :)

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