Monday, August 11, 2008

how great is our God

i've just come to realise that i didn't notice anything bout the bands that were playing during Passion KL last Sunday. my cousin was like "the drummer changed u know when charlie hall sang" and i was like "ya meh?". i didn't even noticed when charlie hall came out until bryan pointed put to me so how was i supposed to notice his drummer.suprisingly i wasn't star struck or whatsoever at the sight of these singers. all my attention was on the One above.nothing about chris tomlin, charlie hall or louie giglio could distract me from the One whose name was so highly lifted up that night.nothing.

if only everyone could see how gloriously His renown was being proclaimed,the picture of the lyrics "how great is our God...and all will see how great is our God" will be made much clearer.

i stand in awe of Him. indeed His name is to be praised above all else.

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