Thursday, October 30, 2008

potatoes and gate

we finally made the mashed potato! and it was good! i couldn't believe that at the first try it turned out pretty decent. well actually pretty good :p hehe. we didnt use any measurements whatsoever...we just 'campak' the ingredients in with rough estimation. not bad huh? haha

then while the girls...well technically there were two girls and a 'girl'' :p - made the mashed potato, the guys painted robert's gate.

btw bryan painted too...he took some time off to test his photography skills :)

then after everything was done, that was bout 11pm...we decided to have a night picnic by the poolside.

judging from the faces...i can prove that i was was good :) yum!

full and happy.


Anonymous said...

wow.nice mashed potatoes =) y'all really had lotsa fun. Good to have such close fellowship together.
Can see Tim's wearing the tee I gave him. I AM WITH RPK.haha.
well keep it up and nice home too.

ivan said...

Hey where is my goggle photo?