Thursday, October 9, 2008


yop. wow. cant believe i'm actually working. and honestly, it's really not as fun as i thought it would be. i guess the part that make it suck is the journey. it's like a crazy adventure every morning and evening. chasing trains and buses, in short chasing time. but its great to have adrienne around cuz it makes this place less alien. oh and aunty pui fun too. i've just finished a briefing session with a senior on what will be my job when we move to the new office later this month. my oh my...just listening to her makes my head spin. i wonder what it's like when it actually comes along. i dont think i want to picture it for now. even as at now, my life is fast forwarded already. basically similar to having no life :p everyday leave home at 6.30am then reach home by 7.30 earliest then go to sleep at 10.30. haiyo...but i guess that's working life. everyone goes through the same thing unless you're a heir or happen to be married to a rich husband ;) (for ladies got no choice but to work. hehe)

so...i've not been writting for quite a while, a month and six days to be exact. so much going on since the last post. exams, interview, house moving (not mine, adrienne's and robert's) and then finally work. i'm so looking forward to weekends now and holidays :p haha

i dont think i'll be writing any soon unless i have free time which i doubt. so i guess for now that all the updates i've got. till then, toodles :)

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wilson said...

=) take it easy. it's a start, it'll be rough firstly but you'll get the glide of it soon. work can be fun yet hectic at times but remember, you can be a lighthouse at your working place, or even at the train station. Opportunities are on every seconds, God creates the moments for you.
well, dapat paycheck nanti, ingat belanja