Saturday, November 8, 2008

all the little blessings

i'm at work now and kinda free. so thought could do some blogging on random stuff. hehe

after work today i thought i'd go shopping at midvalley or sunway pyramid. i need to get at least something decent for my grandcousin's wedding that's coming up next saturday. this is one wedding that i think i would at least have some fun after all the unknown weddings i've been to, that ppl only go to show face, eat some food and go home. at least this time is a closer relative. pretty exciting :) so yea...i must get something nice! haha. i've actually went on a scout last night after work and spotted a couple of pretty blouses. so hopefully i'll be able to get one least.

bus and train have become my secondary transport and almost primary.! hopefully not :p practically every single day except sundays, i ride on either one of them. so sad :( haha. and man...ktm is one 'special' train you should try to avoid taking..especially on weekdays. unfortunately for me, i have no choice. i think it's worse than sardines. i dont even have to move and people will push me in to the train. in the train, everyone's so squashed that you only have enough room for breathing. also, its like a mini wave in there when squashed passengers 'flow' according to the movement of the train..especially the people in the middle who have no poles to cling on to. yes. it IS fun. it gets better when you get people around you who cough and sneeze without covering their mouths and nose. wa...!! i dont know bout others but i kinda have phobia bout that. i imagine the germs floating in the air and then enter into my nostrils and it'll be stuck in my head till i reach my station and get out. eee...cannot tahan.
BUT i still thank God for these public transports. without them i would have to be stuck in my remotely placed home :p haha

*out of boredom, i've highlighted my favourite things in life.


Weng Hon said...

the mini wave is a favourite? lol

IvyM said...

haha. yes. it's kinda fun. not everyone get to experience it :p