Wednesday, October 14, 2009

watch what's in front of you

i never realized i'm that clumsy until recently :p

i've been knocking, hurting and not to mention burning myself quite frequent recently. i dont know why but i guess clumsiness is the only answer. so far my right side wins for the most burns and left side for knocks. so lets see what are they:

a) several little burns on my fingers from cooking.
b) two scratches on my right hand that i have no idea where from
c) a blue-black mark on my left thigh that i no clue from where too
d) a dented bone near the ankle from slipping in a toilet
and...two new ones, got them just less than an hour ago...
e) a bruise on my left knee - hit it at the edge of the computer table
f) a knock near the right eyebrow when trying to take sth from under the bed

yup. i am clumsy. but somehow i'm only clumsy when at home. it's either i dont realize it or that i'm just not clumsy when outside. heh. that's strange.


Adam Jong said...

I know my recent absence take most of your soul away from you, but please be aware of your own healthy and safety.

I know it's hard without me~ Mua ha ha ha~!

Kai Seng said...

hi,clumsy gal!!!!
uneed to take good care of urself la!!

see u soon...

Ad said...

hahaha.. i know i know.. i already know since the day we went to hunt for ivan's bday cake. hahaha. do u remember ivy? =P right outside bsc?

IvyM said...

kai seng: haha. yea i really need to open my eyes bigger before anything else. lol