Friday, June 25, 2010

it's all about the timing people

a lil update from the writer :p

so finally results are out! but it wasn't like i was eagerly waiting for it or anything :p they're not too bad really :) it's really God's blessing seriously! imagine, my highest score is for the subject i struggled most. at one point in the exam i didnt know what else to write after writing all that i knew and it was very sure it wasnt sufficient..can u believe it?! haha

ok so that's that. then, there's M3TA camp which was last week. it was awesome! i told my mum that our youth camp gets better each time. i bet Meta 4 will be a bom! =D nevertheless, the glory is all His to give! no Jesus no camps. 'nuf said =)

then came the not so good news. just the morning right after camp, i received a call from my aunt saying that we had to cancel the surprise farewell party that we planned to happen on that coming saturday. reason, this would definitely have not crossed my mind, my relatives died in a car crash just hours earlier. well, i dont know them really, only met once or twice but here's how we're sort of related: the dad is my granduncle's brother and the son who died, Joash is my cousin's church friend. so naturally you can guess that my cousin wouldn't have wanted a party. my family and i were saying that never in our wildest dreams would we have thought that such a tragic thing could happen to people we know. that day was kinda depressing really and we kept receiving updates from my granduncle which made it a gloomier day. im quite sure that Joash was one of those that was supposed to come for the party but too bad he couldn't make it. anyway, i heard the remaining family that are still alive are slowly recuperating but continue to pray for them.

i'm actually thinking how should i continue this post after what was written above. so i shall just continue with then.... :)

i've just started work this monday and in my fifth day at work :p first couple of days were such a dread. why? firstly, i had no idea real accounting is this complicated! before i started work, my aunt said it's kacang putih only (i'm actually replacing her friend's place when she goes for maternity leave in less than a month's time)...aiyo...what kacang putih, kacang hitam ah! :p lol. spm and college accounting is nth compared to the real one. haha. secondly, i simply dont like office jobs. this whole 9-5 thing doesnt appeal to me. thirdly, filing and numbers makes my head spin :p
anyway, it has gotten better by the day. by His grace and mercy that is =)
ps: my senior (the one im replacing) just woke up from her nap :p and is now on the phone with my aunt. lol

my cousin's leaving to australia this sunday!!! :( first among our cousins to go out of the country to study. haha. i'll definitely miss her!! :( BUT...i hope to join her next year (if God willings) =))

i love this pic!! <3

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