Friday, November 12, 2010's a super tiny feline!!

as my mum reversed the car out of the porch this morning, we suddenly spotted some greyish thingy on the porch. my mum stopped the car out of shock. haha. i immediately recognized what that tiny thing was. it was a kitten! most likely only few hours old or the most a day old cause it's super tiny and its eyes weren't opened. first thought that came to my mind was "did we roll over it and kill it???" since ivan was standing near it, we asked him to check if it was alive cause it wasn't moving. to our relieve it was still alive...phew. lol. both my mum and i got down of the car to look at it leaving the car engine running and unattended (not very smart :p). no one dared to carry the kitten since it looked so fragile. i took it up anyway and put it in a shoe box.

my sis looked after it for half a day till its mother came in the afternoon and took her baby away from my sis while she was playing with the kitten at the porch. she said the mother cat was angry. lol. she also then found out from our neighbour that the little kitten has four other siblings, all in my neighbour's house at the shoe rack. haha. i bet the mother cat was counting and counting and wondering why she only has four kittens while she actually gave birth to five :p

we didn't take any pictures of that kitten unfortunately but i'll try see if i can get a shot or two from my neighbour's house. hehe

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