Thursday, December 30, 2010

arios 2010!

well oh well, the end of yet another year is here again. i know ppl say this every year but time really flies. i'm starting to feel old :p i'll be 23 next year!! scary....'s been a great year thus far. God has really been there every step of the way. He has showed me that I can trust Him in the many more years to come. It's really comforting to know that the God of the universe is actually watching over you and leading you step by step whether we know it or not. I'm ashamed of those times when I thought I could rely on teeny weeny self to handle or solve things when my Father, my Creator is there all along ready to help. But im thankful that He is also a loving and forgiving Father cause looking back at those countless times when i've failed Him, i dont think i deserve His grace and mercy yet He never stops loving me =)

to be honest i never really liked ushering in a new year. it's such an anti climax to all the positive feelings we get at the end of each year especially in december with all the holidays and celebrations. haha. it's like you're all happy happy and then come 1st jan bleh.....everything's back to normal and the whole cycle starts all over again and like to look forward to another december is another 11 months to pass. i'm sure many feel the same especially those working. nope. not the best feeling in the world :p but life goes on whether we like it or not. thankfully though we have something to cling on to for hope. Hope that would produce strength, strength that leads to perseverance through the good and bad that would bring us to the End that we're waiting for :)'s to a great 2010 that's ending and to a hopefully awesome 2011 that's coming!! wee.... :)

here are some snippets of my 2010...enjoy! (i took quite a while to create and compile these :p)

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