Monday, January 10, 2011

of rings and roses

last saturday, we had to attend my cousin's wedding ceremony both at home and hotel. honestly, i wasn't too ecstatic bout it simply because besides his name and what he works as, i know nothing else about this cousin of mine! :p but well we had to go anyway for the sake of my aunt. haha. it was fun nevertheless. the tea ceremony was the better part compared to the dinner. my aunt's and cousins 'kan cheong-ness' and 'kelam kabut-ness' was fun to watch. they were so cute running here and there, shouting at each other instructing this and that and at the same time laughing loudly at their own silly acts. i could tell that my aunt was happy though :) i overheard her saying she loves it when all the family are gathered together though it happens very rarely.

it was also my first time attending and witnessing a garden wedding. i love garden weddings! they are so romantic! :)

and boy oh boy, aren't weddings fancy these days. it's like a competition for the fanciest wedding :p my cousin used a porsche as his wedding car wei! haha. for the cocktail at the garden, guests were served with pretty (and yummy :p) cupcakes, shepherds pies and some pinkish-dragon fruit-like drinks by waiters and waitresses walking around with trays. at the dinner, guests were treated to free servings of the Nestle Bliss yogurt drinks, all in bottles in the fridge. we could just go over and take whatever we wanted :) not bad huh? haha. this may not sound like the fanciest wedding but its fancy enough for me so far.

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