Saturday, February 5, 2011

CNY 2011 Day Dos

so...we're already into the second day of chinese new year...well, third as i'm writing this :p

as usual on every cny second day, we had lunch at aunt's place in the afternoon and my aunt is no doubt an awesome cook! =) after which we headed out to visit my second grandma in sungai buloh. this year's visit was slightly different as we had additional family members joining for the first time in what seemed like ages and we also had our first ever family (dad's side) photography session! =) never in my 22 coming to 23 :p years of life have i ever taken a family picture with these family members of mine. haha. after my grandma's place, we headed off to my eldest aunt's place and bumped into my cousins and their families there too. had some drinks, collected some ang pows, had some chats...we headed home.

that was pretty much my second day of cny. hehe. didn't manage to take any pictures though, except for one with my phone :p kinda regretted but it's k la since i dont think i would have been brave enough anyway to go around snapping pictures of people i rarely meet :p

i thought this was rather cute. my 70+ yr old aunt makes this 'kok chai' and gives us some every year. this year she put them in a bottle with a heart shape on the lid! haha. she's so cute!

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