Wednesday, September 21, 2011

little ramblings

so it seems like forever since i last updated here when it has only been a month plus. well, there wasn't much that happened but will just throw in an update or two anyway :)

1) i'll start with the prominent ones i guess. taking advantage of the long raya break end of august, a bunch of bout 30 of us from church decided to go on a roadtrip to the east coast while visiting a couple of orang asli villages along the way to donate some stuff to them and to get a better insight on the OA ministry there. it was a five-day trip with most of the time spent on the road. we tracked the distance traveled and came up to a thousand km at the end of the trip =O
it was the first time for the majority of us who have not visited east coast first.

as for me, not only did i see east coast for the first time but it also allowed me to experience my first proper camping since my actual first failed when i chicken-ed out from my scouts camping activity in primary school :p lol. at the end of this trip, let me just say i'm not made for the outdoors. period.

nevertheless, i enjoyed the trip a lot! =)

* for a more comprehensive description of our time spent at the OA villages, check out phoebe's posts.

2) on the same day i arrived kl from the east coast trip, i left for singapore with my mum at night. hehe. i was only back home for a couple of hours, just enough for a shower and to stuff in last minute things into my luggage before i was out of the house again. we took a midnight train just to experience it. ktm wasn't so bad really. in fact, i had a pretty good sleep all the way. well, maybe because i was really exhausted as well. anyway, arrived woodlands at 6.30am as scheduled. headed to mcd for breakfast then off to mum's cousin's house where we stayed for the next 3 days.

it's quite funny actually cos by the end of the first day i told my mum i wanted to go back and regretted buying our bus ticket so early cos now we're stuck for another 3 more days. haha. if you're not planning to visit sentosa then there's really nothing much to do in singapore. every thing you can get there you can also get in here so there's really not much to shop there anyways.

we spent most our of time walking in malls after mall. i dont understand why do they have so many anyway. lol. the highlight for me was probably visiting the peranakan museum. i enjoyed it a lot more than my mum though u would think she'd enjoy it more than me since it's bout her roots. haha. met up with my friend on the second last day for lunch. she took us to the merlion before adjourning for lunch at orchard. after my friend left, we headed off to sentosa, just to have a look. arrived there and the first place we went was....the casino! :p what did we do in there? drank chinese tea! LOL. and i secretly snapped some photos too. hehe

all in all, it was a good getaway! Especially for my mum :)

3) bidding farewell to six of our youths who all left for studies =( it's sad really. we actually lost a bunch of young adults who have served faithfully in church & have been of great help in many ministries. among those left were three awesome sunday school teachers, three gifted vocalists, two talented musicians, a great multimedia-ist & a PA expert. we definitely miss their presence but will continue to pray for them as they settle in their respective places =)

4) finally got a pair of glasses for my minimal shortsightedness & astigmatism. feels weird seeing things through the squares :p but does a great deal when i face the computer 8 hours a day everyday.

hmm...that's pretty much about it that i can remember i guess. till then, have a blessed weekend ahead!! =) toodles!

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