Friday, October 19, 2007

i'm here for you

second day into my 5th sem. should have learnt from the past that first classes are not worth coming for. today's class only took 30minutes! it was supposed to end at 12 instead at 9.30 we were already done. gah!

i must admit that the emails from u guys in London are really encouraging. not to mention also a constant reminder that God's always around even when u dont realise it. He sends people to always be around, to love and to care, to support and to uplift, like what He has commanded all His children to be. to spur one another. it always excites when i receive mails from fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. i love u guys all more than anything else and am so blessed to have u guys called my friends. =)

went midvalley on tuesday. watched resident evil. comment: EVIL! no kidding. well at least for a few of us it is. haha. practically throughout the whole movie my fingers were busy...they were stuffed into my ears and to cover my eyes. lol. its full of shocking/terperanjat-ing scenes and not even 5minutes into it, i was shocked twice. arrgh..never gonna trust ivan's choice anymore.

i'm hungry.

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