Monday, October 22, 2007

His arms are open wide

Oh heart of mine, why must you stray?
From one so fair you run away
And one more time you have to pay
The heaviness of needless shame

Oh heart of mine, come back home
You've been too long out on your own
And He's been there all along
Watching for you down the road

So come home running
His arms are open wide
His name is Jesus
He understands
He is the answer
You are looking for
So come home running
Just as you are

Oh child of God so dearly loved
And ransomed by the Savior's blood
And called by name, Daughter and Son
Wrapped in the robe of righteousness- Chris Tomlin

lately i've been hearing this song quite often. it's either through the blastings of ivan's mp3 or the computer. but i love it!

though the meaning of this song is pretty obvious, the words signifies many of us today. this song is bout eveyone who has gone astray at least once in their life from God. be it yesterday, today or tomorrow. verses one and two tells of us being away from He who's always there, who's always faithful. the third verse also tells of our identity, of who we are, children of the King who were bought with a price, the blood of Christ so that we may experience God's love without barriers of our sins.

the chorus is the one that hits me most. the fact that we ran or is running away from God doesn't bar us from turning back. He is ever ready, waiting for us to come home (His arms are open wide). He doesn't only understand and forgive us for straying but He is also the answer that everyone's searching earnestly in this life = salvation. that void in this aimless world is the question and salvation is the answer and salvation is Christ.

i like this last part the best. it says "so come home running just as you are." what an awesome God we serve! we can actually turn back to Him just as we are! note how it doesn't say "so come home running, after you repent/accept the punishments set/have done a makeover/finish rehab." even if have made the silliest or most shameful or most degrading thing, there's still a 'home' with doors open wide waiting for us. God's ever forgiving and this is just one of the many ways He demonstrates His agape love to us.

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