Friday, November 30, 2007

do you love me?

was talking to Ivan on the bus the other day on the topic of love. heh. he was saying something bout to say that you love someone is easy but to actually mean it is a whole different thing.

i could not agree more. we can easily say "i love you" to someone every like five seconds. but do we actually mean it? or do we utter those three words just for the sake of it? there is a fine line between saying and meaning those words that many of us still are not able to see it.

the moment you realise you really mean those words is when you are willing to do anything beyond all measures for that person. even if it means risking or gambling your pride, fame, wealth, belongings, family or even life. i don't think any of us have reached to that extent. but i know one person has and his name is Jesus. He has showed and demonstrated the true meaning of love because He IS love.

i bet nobody would ever be willing to sacrifice his life for someone else for the sake of love. not through a cruel death at least. not if he has to be NAILED, crowned with the crown of thorns, whipped all over the body while walking and heading to his death place and mocked and spat at. not a very good idea isn't it if the reason is love? i don't think it is but He thinks otherwise. in the name of love for His people, this man called Jesus is willing to sacrifice himself on that old rugged cross to redeem them from their sins, so that they may gain salvation that is eternal life.

how great of a Love is that?

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