Tuesday, December 18, 2007

the end of this chapter

why do people run from problems instead of trying to work things out? if all our lives we keep running away from problems..how are we then going to succeed in life? at least trying would still give some hope. but refusing to try just tears things down all together. no hope. no solution.

some things happen just make me doubt that people learn from their mistakes in the past. i thought the classic advice is "Learn from your mistakes."? but how come people dont learn instead repeat them and hurt even more people along the way? i thought experiences make us grow and mature? i thought they could help us in handling things better, treat people better, make wise and not selfish decisions and to basically look at life in a more mature perspective? for some people, i guess not. sadly.

saying alone is not enough. words alone bring no meaning unless they're supported with actions. when words contradict with actions, thats when hearts are broken. trusts are betrayed. hopes are crushed. dreams are shattered.

some people just disappoint me to the max. over and over again.

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