Friday, January 4, 2008

Hello 2008 !

yup... and that also means goodbye 2007 :(

so yea...first post of the year. hehe. lets just start with a lil recap of 2007...overall it's been an exiciting year...lots of ups and downs actually and like ivan said, it's been a year with the most things happened.
there were good times like church camp in may (it was by far the best time of the year for me) and of course the year wouldn't be complete without the bad times which i dont think i would like to share. sorry to crush your hopes though. lol :p

anyways...its a new year and that means a fresh start too :) resolutions? hmm...i think i'll pass that. you see the reason why i dont wanna have new year resolutions is very simple: i dont keep up to it! so why bother...just go with the flow la...wherever God leads. haha. oh but there is one thing that i would like to start doin this year (hopefully the zeal stays to at least march :p), that is to exercise more or to be more accurate, to start exercising. haha. i'm not complaining bout being fat or anything but figured it'll be one of the more beneficial ways to fill my time as it finally dawned on me that sleeping isn't really fruitful after all. lol

other than that...i'll be starting my 6th sem that is the second last semester next exicting -_- i'm seriously not looking forward to business law...arrgh..all those penal codes just dont seem to exicite me. oh..but i do look forward to something though...Chinese New Year! lol. i know i's a month away. but having something to look forward to seem to make the days past faster. hehe

oh well...can't wait to see what's God installed for me this year :) till the next post....


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