Wednesday, January 9, 2008

you gotta move on girl

school officially started yesterday. it was alright except for the fact that the lecturer spoke at the speed of two seconds per word almost put me to sleep :p really hope he improves though, or else a three-hour class would turn into a six-hour class. i can almost see that this sem would be one nerve wrecking semester. up to today, there will be three presentations to do and some role play and i have no clue how many more will

my uncle treated us to a lunch hi-tea at the Legend last sunday. it was fun. i love eating. hehe. i also love the fact that we are one family that eats without barrier. if you know what i mean. to us eat means eat. haha. no saying "eh dont eat this, too high cholesterol", "eh dont eat that, too much sugar", "eh you have high blood, dont eat seafood"...i mean you only live once, enjoy it while you can. plus it's not always that we indulge in all these right. so anyway eating with my family :) hehe.

oh..decided to go for a jog on tuesday with ivory. changed clothes, put on socks, shoes, opened the gate, walked to the park, took a stroll for like two minutes, started to jog a little. it rained. nice. -_-

all in all...its all good :)

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