Thursday, November 27, 2008

another new start

it's one minute to 9am now and im the only one in the office. starting to worry if i should be here or back at the old place. man....

i've moved to the new office yesterday and honestly, i dont really like it :p it's not the place, it's just the whole getting-used-to-it feeling. i've just finally got myself settled in and gotten used to that place, now they wanna move. i wshed they had done it earlier. now i have to start all over. new desk, new work station, new pantry, new route and even new toilet. sheesh...
this keyboard position is so uncomfortable and this work station is so exposed. i had alot of privacy in the previous one. now its like every thing i do can be seen :p

ok it's 8 minutes past nine and there's no one here still.

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