Wednesday, November 19, 2008

it is so the 50's

M: we were talking then she came to this part.."give me ivy's email address, i pass to him then they can send emails to each other."

I: NO......!!!

M: listen first la...then i said to her "i dont think ivy would like it, let me ask her permission first." then shes said "haiya...not love love ma, just write letters only." i said "never mind let me ask ivy first k."

I: phew.....

see, the story goes like my grand cousin's wedding last saturday, my grandaunt (not the bride's mum) wanted to intro me to this single doctor from Ireland, a friend of the bride. huh? intro? you might ask. yes. in this 20th century. and the conversation above, was my mum telling me what she had talked to that aunt the phone earlier yesterday, which was like three days after her first attempt on saturday....and she still didnt give up :p

this was how it went:

A: come ivy, i want to introduce you to Dr M (not Mahathir :p).

I: huh? doctor who?

A: Dr M, Aleena's friend from Ireland. come come...i want to introduce both of you.

I: huh??!! no no...dont want la aunty (trying to sound as polite as possible), i can find my own boyfriend :p

A: *turns to my cousin who just joined the conversation* ah..come michelle, i introduce you to Dr M.

M: huh? what? who?

A: *pulls her hand into the house towards Dr M*

then i dont know what happened but my cousin came out very fast.

A: *drags (literally) my hand into the house towards Dr M*

I: *showing the "Help me" look to my cousins*

A: ah...Dr M this is ivy. Ivy this is Dr M

Dr M: oh oh... *shakes my hand* nice to meet you ivy.

I: *mind went blank as everyone stares* er...Hi (shakes back his hand) *turns around and slowly walks away* was so awfully awkward. but honestly, i pity Dr M more. i mean he's a guy and a professional for that matter. and here goes this aunt of mine, publicly declaring that he's single and as if saying "Dr M, why at this age still dont have girlfriend ar..some more a doctor. here let me get you one." least that's how i felt what my aunt was trying to convey indirectly. i mean...he looks like a nice guy, seriously, so dont have to say so openly and loudly when introducing la. kesian that fella. i'm a girl and i'm still young (20 is not old ok :) so i dont really care. but i feel sorry for him la. the whole day was kinda awkward after that. haha.

sorry Dr M ! :) at least i kept your privacy by not disclosing your name XD


Robert said...

Is he handsome? Good looking? Ireland man! Some more is a doctor!!!

IvyM said...

er...he's ok la. very tall. and no..he's a chinese..working in ireland only.
yes yes a doctor..i'll intro to u robert IF i see him again. dun worry :p LOL

Aleena said...

Oh my gawd Ivy! haha.... I cant believe that I stumbled upon your blog and find you hilariously blogging bout your awkward situation with my friend! Yea Aunty 'R' also repeatedly told me that she was gonna do some matchmaking and she also repeatedly made it known to Dr M :D hahahhaa..... She too was trying to matchmake my poor bridesmaid to Wilson! how funny!