Wednesday, November 12, 2008

it is all Your will O Lord

i'm so bored. i've just read my entire past posts. man...i feel like sleeping....zzzzzz

after reading those posts, frankly speaking, i was pretty surprise. haha. based on the amount of emotions i've put in when writing those posts, i least aspect i'm of that type. haha. but i guess a lil of emotion cant do any harm :p
well..i must say alot has change since. and i mean alot. mostly positive ones. myself for one have change too and hopefully for the better. God has indeed been faithful. despite my disobedience, lack of faith and pride sometimes, He stuck to me. what more can i ask of my Father? at times i wish i was wiser at those time when i needed too but i figured if i was wise i wouldn't have needed God. and thus, not realise how deep is His love for me. reading those posts, i really am grateful for the one Friend that was there for me through thick and thin, my dearest Lord Jesus, couldn't have gone through without Him.

"He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it." i Thessalonians 5.24

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