Thursday, November 13, 2008

mission accomplished

notice that i've been blogging three consecutive days? good. it shows that you've been reading my blog for three consecutive days which puts in the same position...bored :p hehe.
well before you give your verdict, let me explain why have i been blogging for three days when i'm supposed to be working. ok here's why:
  1. my senior senior is, was and will be on MC
  2. i've done whatever i'm supposed to do
  3. low activity season
  4. there's really nothing to do
  5. i'll be embarrassed if i walk over to my senior and ask if there's anything to do again cause i've done that countless times :p
  6. my senior is also free, so that shows that there's really no work :)
so...i did manage to get myself something decent for the wedding dinner after three hours of solo shopping last saturday. it's not too bad really. it's a dress :) and i like it (duh! i chose it). it's not to o formal and not too casual. i also got my self a pair of heels at a pretty unexpected price (that means cheap) and a working shirt. so yea...quite happy :). then i also got my mum a blouse and my sis a top and cute pinky hairbands. didnt have enough $$ for Ivan though. hehe. he'll have to wait till Christmas :p it was a fruitful day despite the painful soles. hehe

now i've nothing else to do. why dont they put sofa beds in offices XD

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