Wednesday, December 17, 2008

being the girl i am

guess what i've been doing since yesterday? ;) i've been window shopping online!! i didnt know how fun and interesting it could be! haha. i've heard of local online boutiques that operates through blogs but have not actually took the time to see them. now that i have, i'm so hooked on it :p it's really fun i tell you! screening through pretty clothes, shoes and bags at reasonable prices. these stuff seem to look more affordable online...i dont know why. oh oh!! i just ordered a mini handbag. hehe. i've enquired on a number of things and am waiting for their replies to decide which one to buy. they're my christmas presents la c'mon...more accurately, self-given presents :p haha

here are some of the sites:
Ultimate Dazzle
The Luxurious Fashionista
Elegant Extravaganza
Clothes Bucket

work has been rather dull and boring. to prove boss just yawned...loudly.

man...the year is ending very soon. how time flies....sigh....

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