Monday, December 15, 2008

i know my God is real and nothing will change how i feel

today's my first day back to work after two days on sick leave. the sore throat was no fun. i woke up on thursday to a hoarse voice which eventually became worse that i could barely speak :p and the pills...eeww...never liked them. why cant all pills be teeny-weeny shapes. why must there be some gigantic pills that are so hard to swallow. ee....

the sleep-in(s) and afternoon naps were good though :) hehe

vbs was great! the kids were awesome! the teachers and volunteers were the best but God was amazing throughout the three days!!

this year adrienne and i took the preschool class. the kids range from age three to five. man...they are so adorable and cute!! every single one of them are so special. no wonder they are precious in God's eyes ;)

check them out:
the songs were addictive. seriously. i was even singing it in my sleep :p

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