Wednesday, December 31, 2008

what does tomorrow promise?

"it's the last day of the year." i heard a girl saying that to her friends when i was on board the bus just now and it suddenly dawned on me that IT'S THE LAST DAY of 2008!! it struck me that after today, there's no way we can come back to 2008. it's like what's happened is permanently passed. all that's left are memories.

this new year, i hope to draw closer to God. i realised i've been slacking in my walk with Him and it doesn't feel good at all. i pray that He's door is still open for me and i have faith that it is :)
as for us all, lets hope 2009 brings us to greater heights in understanding His love and grace. to be grateful for the grace that allows us to be where we are today. it's amazing what a forgiving and loving God we have. no matter how far or how long we've strayed away, He's always there waiting with arms open wide for us to return to Him. in Him there's always hope and light. amazing.'s wishing all of you a very Happy New Year!!

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