Thursday, January 15, 2009

hey hey hey

ello :) first post of the year. hehe. have been really busy since the beginning of the year. attending to students non stop. i wonder was i that 'ma fan' when i was in college. you know...enquire bout this and that, ask this ask that, change this change that...i dont think i was lor and neither were my friends :p haha but i tell you..the students here. haiyo.... currently not at my office but at the exam centre, waiting for the students to finish their paper in 1/2 hours time, then have collect the papers, count them, make sure everything's ok then send it off to uk. my colleague saw that i have nothing to do, sit there like 'dong-dong', she allowed me to use the unused, dusty computer. least something. haha

wow chinese new year is just around the corner and i havent even done any shopping yet! this problem repeats every year. we (my family and i) always wait till last minute to shop and by then we'll be too panicked we'll just roughly pick the clothes. however, i find it rather strange, why are the clothes for cny season arent that pretty? eh it doesnt help at all in our last minute shopping lor :p haha. what makes it worse is that i dont really like red-ish stuff especially clothes and most of them are in red! i mean a lil bit of red here and there it's fine but the whole outfit? err...

im so bored and cold right now, i wanna sleep :p

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