Wednesday, February 11, 2009

effect of extreme boredom

since i cant afford the real ipod, a virtual one is as good :p

i'm SO bored that i've decided to steal/copy my bro's idea. haha. enjoy! :)

btw...if you're thinkin that all the songs come with a video clip, i'm sorry they're not except for "tear drops on my guitar" and a couple others i think. brian litrell's clip doesn't make any sense so dont try bother figuring out why they put pic of cd(s) when the title is "in Christ alone" and casting crown's clips is just...funny. haha.


Anonymous said...

that terribly bored?
oh well...I don't mind to lend you my ipod nano for a week or two.

so what was your bro's idea?

IvyM said...

haha. yes! that bored!

the ipod-player-in-blog idea. haha :p