Wednesday, February 11, 2009

in memory of Jingle

ok this seem like a delayed one since he is no longer with me. who is he? are some pics to intro him :)

no...not ivan la :p

yup. the he i'm refering to is a cat :p

this little kitten was found in a box left by someone (obviously) outside my aunt's house, at the gate about two months back. my aunt wanted to keep him but apparently her two other cats were afraid/jealous of this cutie that they would 'run from home'. haha. so she decided to give it to us.
we looked after him for about a month then we decided to let him go since all of us felt it was to 'ma fan' to look after him...pfft pfft. my mum let him go at the shops that are bout 5 minutes drive from our house.

so that's the story of Jingle, our ex-kitten.

ps: you wanted pictures right you go! now...visit my blog more! :p haha

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