Monday, April 13, 2009

the people you meet in your life

what a way to start the week.

the train reaches at 6.36am every morning and this morning i reached the station at 6.33am..not too bad still. there's a possibility i can catch it if i ran fast enough and normally i would be able to catch it. this morning was the same case. i bought the ticket and saw that everyone at the opposite track got up from their seats which was a sign of the arrival of the train. so i ran the fastest i could which is normally really not that fast actually :p as i was running down the stairs the train was still there and i was thinking.."ok good i can make it then i wouldn't have to wait for another 20 minutes"...down to the last two steps to my disbelieve the doors closed and the train began moving! can you imagine it...last two steps!! i was that close! argh... i mean if it was the putra or star lrt then i wouldn't be so mad...this is ktm, the old fashioned, manually controlled doors train we're talking bout. the mean driver could have been a lil kind-er seeing this lady running like there's no tmr and waited for five more seconds! compared to the hours (collectively from all the times i took the train) i waited for their delayed trains, this five seconds is almost invisible in their "on-time schedules". in the end i waited there for 30 minutes instead of 20 for the next train because it was DELAYED. geramnya...

fine that was that. i reached my workplace and decided to buy breakfast at the food court nearby. i took nasi lemak with fried egg and proceeded to pay at the counter. a guy beside me took the exact same thing as me. we stood there for like five minutes like dungu waiting for either the boss or worker to come collect our money. can u imagine it's like we're begging them to take our money. i tell u people these days....i dont know what to say. ok fine. the worker came and she collected from the guy first. came my turn, she opened my box and charged me 2.50. i was like "itu orang punya pun sama dengan saya kenapa saya you charge lebih?" she replied "oh..nasi dia sikit." -_- she didnt even open the box how sure was she that his took little and i'm quite sure i saw the guy took almost the same quantity as me. i think i paid almost 1.50 more than that guy. i mean it's not like i can't pay 2.50 but only if it's the same for others as well la and this is the second time this lady overcharged me. ugh...dah la made me wait then overcharge me some more. i'm never going back there again.

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