Saturday, April 18, 2009

echoes off the sky

oh's 2.09am now and i'm waiting for the downloading of the new msn (yes yes i'm outdated :p) and i have nothing else better to do so i thought i'd just write a little. hehe

just a brief update on what's happening..pretty much nothing interesting really besides work. sorry's taking most of my time so i can't avoid talking bout it don't i? eh even i find msyself boring ok :p so's been rather a lot lately with the exams coming up in may and june and my senior being on maternity leave for the next one month, leaving me and another staff who's also new at this with all the timetabling, name listings and seating plans to complete by end of this month. quite a challenge i must say but it's not too bad and since i'm quiting end of june, this workload would make time pass much faster :)

other than degree? i dont know. i hate coming back to this crossrod where i have to choose and decide what i want to do again. that's not all, it's what, where and when. ugh...pening. haha. well...i'd most likely continue in business which will help narrow down my options :)

mm..what else? let's see...
oh i've just had my convo last saturday. my diploma convo. initially i didn't want to go cause i was thinkin it's so silly to have a covo for diploma. it's not like it's that big a deal (to me la) and why waste money. but then when i found out the price and all about a month earlier, i was like "ok la not too bad" plus my friend really wanted it so i thought why not. all turned out pretty well i'd say. i had a fairly good time :) it's just fun to meet those you dont meet or talk that often in college before and find out that they're really nice and funny actually. except some whom have turned out to be 'i'm-too-cool-to-be-your-friend' type really turned me off. i guess that's just life. you meet all sorts of people, they come and they go.

now that i've had my convo, this sunday i have to WORK at people's convo :p haha. adrienne, tim and i are working this sunday at HELP's convo. adrienne and i are dutied on the stage and tim..i forgot :p i find it really interesting that i get to experience two convos in two weeks from two different perspectives, one as the graduand and one as a staff. one week i was seating down the stage waiting for my name to be called and the next week i'll be standing on stage to help hand out the 'certs'. interesting huh? :)

k la that's it for now...nothing else interesting to talk bout =p till then have a great weekend ahead!

ivy mak signing out. lol


ivan said...

What has this post got to do with echoes of the sky?

IvyM said...

i dont know...that song was in my head then just put la since i cant think of any title :p

Anonymous said...

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